Pearl Jam financiará projetos para a conservação da Amazônia


De acordo com o Serviço Nacional de Áreas Protegidas pelo Estado peruano  (Sernanp), o Pearl Jam financiará projetos envolvendo a preservação ambiental, pesquisa e redução de emissão de gases estufa como forma de compensar a emissão destes gases durante sua turnê na América Latina. Duas áreas foram selecionadas para receber o aporte financeiro: o Bosque Alto Mayo, na Amazônia Peruana, e o projeto Valparaíso, no estado do Acre, no Brasil. Vale lembrar que o ativismo ambiental do Pearl Jam tem se estendido por mais de uma década e já rendeu à banda o prêmio Planet Defender em 2011 devido ao seu ativismo ecológico.

22 de Novembro: Pearl Jam no Rio


Data: 22/11/2015

Cidade: Rio de Janeiro

Local: Maracanã

Horário: 20:00


01. Oceans (Ed counts off the song but some confusion stops the song right away. Ed and Stone confer briefly and the song starts again)
02. Present Tense
03. Corduroy
04. Hail, Hail
05. Mind Your Manners
06. Do The Evolution
07. Amongst The Waves
(Ed addresses the audience in Portuguese. Noting it is the last show in Brazil but not the last show forever just this tour. The audience helps him a little with his pronunciation.)
08. Save You
09. Even Flow
10. Who You Are
11. Setting Forth
12. Not For You
13. Sirens-sing along outro (Boom’s keyboard had a malfunction for the first part of the song)
14. Given To Fly
15. Want You So Hard (Bad Boy News)-(Hughes, Homme) Eagles Of Death Metal cover. The band was playing a show in Paris at Le Bataclan when it was attacked by terrorists on November 13.
16. Comatose (The start of the song is a bit off. The band stops right away and Ed laughs “and then THAT happened!” The band starts the song again.)
17. Lukin
18. Rearviewmirror

Encore Break 1

(Ed asks the audience if they can see the moon tonight. He hopes it is still up there. “we live in a crazy world.”)
19. Yellow Moon
20. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
(Ed has the lights brought up so he can see the audience. He points out a man in the audience with a sign that reads “It’s My Birthday Can I please sing a song with you?” Ed says “It is your birthday? Now let’s see I saw you 3 days ago holding the same sign and a few days before that with the same sign. It must be nice to have every day be your birthday.” Ed says he will buy the guy a drink for sure and then they can think about singing.
He notes that other people are having anniversaries as well. Joe and Diane anniversary, (?) and Ashley-they are still fucking. Another couple is celebrating and anniversary. Various people in the audience indicate the lengths of their relationships. Ed says we have been a band for 25 years. Longer than anybody. And Jeff and Stone have been together how long? (30 years said in Portuguese). Let’s hear it for Jeff Ament and Stone Gossard for being together longer than anyone.)
21. Just Breathe
I wanted to say…I wanted to send out a message. Playing these shows it feels like family. A really, really big family. And of course we are always concerned about safety. For yours, for ours, for the crew, for everybody. You know music can bring joy. It also can help you deal with anger. It can also help you with sadness. And when you get a gathering of people at a show all these things become more powerful because you are sharing them with all these other people at the same time. And it makes the senseless, senseless tragedy that occurred last week in Paris even more upsetting and the fact that it happened during concert with a great band and great Parisian fans it hurts us and breaks our hearts to the core and it broke our hearts even more when we and more deeply when we heard that someone, a really good man, a father of two, a great husband, great brother, a great son and he was always in the front row of the shows when we played in Europe. And we found out recently that he lost his life, when like all the others he deserved very much to still be living…so tonight we would like to ask…(Ed begins speaking Portuguese. I think he is saying that he wants to play the song for the family of Pierre-Antoine Henry)

22. Imagine-(Lennon)
23. Jeremy
24. Why Go
25. The Fixer
(Ed brings up the birthday man (Adu?(sp). The man is very pleased. Ed takes a swig of wine and passes the bottle to they guy who proceeds to take a very long pull on the bottle. Ed lets him sing the opening lines of Porch before taking over.)
26. Porch (Sings the end of the song from the barricade. Visits with Birthday Man)

Encore Break 2
(Ed in Portuguese. It appears he has been given a gift and thanks the audience and he continues in English say he has heard so many stories of fans from all over the world who don’t speak any Portuguese being taken in and treated like family. He thanks the Brazilian people for their generosity in treating fan who have travelled here to see the shows.)
27. Last Kiss-(Cochran)
(We really wanted to play this here. This is by a special man and good friend, Mr. Roger Waters)
28. Comfortably Numb-(Gilmour, Waters) {Ed plays piano during the outro solo}
29. Spin The Black Circle
30. Black
(Ed has some advice for people who can relate to the song Black because of someone in their life. He also says he wants to thank some people. In Portuguese he thanks by name many of the Brazilian locals that have been working and traveling with the band and Pearl Jam crew.)
31. Better Man (during the solo Mike and Ed rock out back to back. At the end of the song Ed smashes white Gibson SG.)
32. Alive- (draped in an a Brazilian flag with messages and autographs all over it Ed goes to the wings of the stage. Mike solos down at the barricade.)
33. Rockin’ In The Free World-(Young) Jeff ends up wearing the Brazilian flag Ed had during the last song. Mike runs laps around the stage.)
(“They are telling us we have to stop so we will need to come back again.”) There is a very strict midnight curfew at the venue.
34. Yellow Ledbetter
(someone throws up a red pair of swim trunks. Ed asks “for me?” and shrugs. He ends up putting the trunks on over his pants and continues singing.)

20 de Novembro: Pearl Jam em Belo Horizonte


Data: 20/11/2015

Cidade: Belo Horizonte

Hora: 20:30



01. Rain-(Lennon, McCartney)
02. Sometimes
03. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
04. Go
05. Mind Your Manners
06. Once (Ed throws his mic into the audience and they sing the outro)
(Ed addresses the audience in Portuguese.)
07. Got Some
08. Rearviewmirror (rare appearance of RVM early in the first set and played as short version without an extended jam section)
09. Pilate
10. Even Flow
(Ed talks to the audience in Portuguese. He talks about the Bento Rodrigues dam disaster that resulted in at least 9 deaths, many missing and the evacuation of 600 people. The dam failure also caused devastating pollution in the river.)
11. Infallible
12. Given To Fly
13. I’m Open (“This guitar was made by one of your countrymen right here in Brazil. It is one of my favorite things. Obrigado Sergio.” Sergio made Ed a very custom guitar and gave it to him in Brasilia.)
14. I Am Mine
(This next song is about someone I don’t believe in. It is about Satan. And even though I don’t believe in him I would tell Satan to fuck off. In the song he is trying to get me to suck….No, I am good Satan. Some band ended up sucking it but they weren’t from Seattle)
15. Satan’s Bed
(Ed addresses the band in Portuguese. He seems to be talking about his great friends in the band and introduces them)
16. Deep
17. Jeremy
18. Why Go

Encore Break 1
(…we want to keep playing for you if that is okay. This song is about a girl. This song is by Jeff)
19. Bee Girl
20. Sleeping By Myself
(Ed speaks in Portuguese. He ends by saying in English, “we will send some pictures to them.”)
21. Imagine-(Lennon)
22. Sirens-(sing along outro) {while singing the outro Ed says, “I am just thinking about the people affected by the dam accident…” After the song Ed notes that their hasn’t been a fund set up to help the families hurt by the disaster and are planning on donating money from this show in the name of the fans at the show. “We hope we can help out and do something practical))
23. Do The Evolution
24. Want You So Hard (Bad Boy News)-(Hughes, Homme) {This is a cover of an Eagles Of Death Metal song. The band was playing a show in Paris at Le Bataclan when it was attacked by terrorists on November 13. 89 people were killed at that venue alone including the bands local merch manager Nick Alexander.}
25. Corduroy
(Ed struggles a bit with his Portuguese but he lets us know that they are going to be doing Stone’s song.)
26. Mankind
27. Porch

Encore Break 2

28. Eruption-Van Halen
29. Garden (Ed says, “Happy Anniversary” during the intro of ‘Garden’)
(“over here I saw someone with child on their shoulders…and when you see something like that you know that people are taking care of each other…”)
30. Comfortably Numb-(Gilmour, Waters) {the audiences does the “ ahh” shriek during the line “okay just a little pin prick there’ll be no more (ahh)…”.
31. Lightning Bolt
32. Black
33. Sonic Reducer-(Bators, Blitz, Chrome, Magnum, Thomas, Zero)
34. Alive
35. Rockin’ In The Free World-(Young)
36. Yellow Ledbetter/Little Wing-(Hendrix)

17 de Novembro: Pearl Jam em Brasília


Data: 17/11/2015

Cidade: Brasília

Hora: 20:30








01. Release
02. Wash
03. Nothingman
(Ed addresses the audience in Portuguese.)
04. Corduroy (audience sings the bridge section without Ed {everthing has changed..} The band jams briefly then goes back into the bridge which Ed sings. The song continues on from there.)
05. Lightning Bolt
06. Mind Your Manners
07. Brain Of J
(Ed addresses the audience in Portuguese again. Something about music and being grateful.)
08. Tremor Christ
09. In My Tree
10. Even Flow
11. Rain-(Lennon, McCartney)
12. Unthought Known
13. My Father’s Son
14. Animal
15. Daughter/Another Brick In The Wall part 2-(Waters)
16. Habit (At the end of ‘Habit’ Mike wrestles his guitar to the stage and drags it around, throttling it a couple of times and then swapping it out to start the next song)
17. Given To Fly
18. Lukin
19. Reaviewmirror

Encore Break 1
(Ed asks the audience how they are doing. The indicate that they are well and enjoying themselves. Ed says he is also doing well but notes that he has never eaten more bugs in his entire life than he has tonight and he is also getting eaten by the bugs. He hopes the audience is not suffering like he is because “there is a lot of meat out there” This is a reference to the fact that there are mosquitos and other insects flying all around the stage. The band is constantly battling the plague of mosquitos while trying to play.)
20. Redemption Song-(Marley) {Ed acoustic & Boom B3}
21. Mother-(Waters)
22. Sirens-sing along outro
23. Jeremy (Mike causally tosses guitar picks out between strums. During the outro chorus Mike runs laps around the stage.)
24. Supersonic
(Ed asks the audience what they want to hear. He then asks the people in the back what they want to hear. He gets list of all the songs they play and looks it over. Eventually something catches his ear and he selects a song.)
25. Why Go
(Ed finds a shirt with a song request on it. Request is granted with the caveat that “you might not know it…We might not know it.”)
26. Drop The Leash
27. Porch (Ed goes down to the barricade for the end of the song)

Encore Break 2

28. Last Exit
(Speaking in Portuguese Ed relates that a Brazilian fellow {Sergio?} in the audience tonight made him a very beautiful guitar that Ed is going to play for the next song. I think Ed says that he thinks the guitar has some songs in it.)
29. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
30. Better Man (for the outro Stone makes a rare venture over to Mike and Jeff’s side of the stage and jams along with them. Ed makes it over as well.)
31. Do The Evolution
32. Crazy Mary-(Williams)
33. Alive (Mike solos down at the barricade and I think Jeff goes to Stone’s side and plays a bit)
34. Baba O’Riley-(Townshend)
(Ed thanks the audience. He makes a joke about how in Sao Paulo he kept asking the audience if they were okay but instead of a thumbs up he was making a circle with his thumb and index finger while holding out the rest of his fingers which is an obscene gesture here in Brazil. While telling the story he repeatedly makes the obscene gesture much to Jeff’s entertainment.)
35. Indifference

Pearl Jam, Ativismo Ambiental e a Tragédia de Mariana

Mariana (MG) - Uma barragem pertencente à mineradora Samarco se rompeu no distrito de Bento Rodrigues, zona rural a 23 quilômetros de Mariana, em Minas Gerais, e inundou a região (Corpo de Bombeiros/MG - Divulgação)

No dia 11/11, data do show de Porto Alegre, a página oficial do Pearl Jam no Facebook divulgou uma campanha da Conservação Internacional chamada A Natureza Está Falando. Além disso, nos telões da Arena do Grêmio um vídeo de divulgação da campanha foi transmitido antes do show (clique aqui para assistir). As campanhas do Pearl Jam visando a conservação e proteção ambiental são amplamente reconhecidas. Infelizmente, recentemente tivemos no Brasil a maior tragédia ambiental da história em Mariana, Minas Gerais. Além de destruir um dos mais importantes rios brasileiros junto com seus afluentes, bem como determinar um drástico futuro para esses ecossistemas, essa tragédia não foi só ambiental: centenas de milhares de pessoas estão sem água potável, sem casa, sem comida e um rastro de destruição é percebido por toda região. Não podemos nos esquecer desse problema. Desta forma, a Letícia Piancastelli enviou email para o Pearl Jam informando sobre este ocorrido e convidando todos os fãs a participarem enviando mensagens para banda como uma das formas de tornar essa tragédia algo de conhecimento internacional, bem como pressionar para que punições sejam aplicadas aos responsáveis. Leia o texto abaixo e saiba como participar para ajudar.

Escrevi um e-mail para o Pearl Jam, pedindo para eles dedicarem a música “Do the Evolution” para a Samarco, BHP e Vale. A idéia é aumentar a consciência internacional sobre o desastre, quem sabe trazer mais ajuda para as pessoas que estão sofrendo sem água, e chamar a atenção dos cidadãos brasileiros e do mundo, para exigir das autoridades que os responsáveis sejam levados à justiça e à reparação do dano ambiental.

Convido quem quiser se juntar à esta campanha a escrever um e-mail para “” com o assunto “Environmental disaster near Belo Horizonte”.

Estou postando aqui meu texto, se quiserem podem usar, ou usá-lo como modelo. Ou sintam-se livres para escreverem como acharem melhor. Mas acho interessante manter o assunto “Environmental disaster near Belo Horizonte” para chamar a atenção deles e também pedir que eles dediquem “Do the Evolution” para a Samarco, BHP e Vale.

Abraços a todos.

“Dear Pearl Jam,

Ten days ago, tons of mud from a mining dump dam broke down in Mariana city, near Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, where you will be playing next 20th. It has been acknowledged as the greatest environmental disaster caused by mining activities in Brazil.

After burying Bento Rodrigues district (village) in Mariana, killing a still unknown number of people and driving hundreds out of their homes, which now are under a sea of mud. The flood of mud, comprising nearly sixty billion liters of mining reject, proceeded to flow downstream Doce River (Rio Doce) valley. Rio Doce is the fifth biggest river in Brasil, with an extension of more than 500 miles, with a watershed of more than 52000 square miles. The flood is now reaching the Atlantic Ocean and will also affect the marine ecosystem.

The mud is like a clay and is cementing the river bed. Thousands of people living at the cities near river Rio Doce banks are now with no drinking water supply.

The river bed has been filled with mud, making acquatic life impossible. Many Rio Doce’s aquatic species may be doomed to extinction. Researches are claiming the river and its aquatic species are dead.

With this, I would like to ask you to mention this in your gigs and dedicate the song “Do the Evolution” to the mining company, Samarco, and its controlling companies Vale and BHP (two of the biggest mining companies in the world) responsible for this disaster due to their neglect. Unfortunately, our big media companies are all too much compromised to their mining counterparts and are downsizing this disaster.

I am hoping to raise international awareness about this disaster, increase help to the people suffering from it, and draw the attention of Brazilian citizens and the world, to demand the authorities that those responsible are brought to justice and to repair the environmental damage they provoked.

Here are some links regarding what happened:…/us-brazil-damburst-idUSKCN0SY1Y920…


Nós da PJ2Fly pedimos para que todos enviem esta mensagem para o Pearl Jam e agradecemos a Mariana Mendes por ter nos informado sobre a campanha.

14 de Novembro: Pearl Jam em São Paulo


Data: 14/11/2015

Cidade: São Paulo

Local: Estádio do Morumbi

Hora: 20h30 (horário de Brasília)


  1. Long Road
  2. Of The Girl
  3. Love Boat Captain
  4. Do the Evolution
  5. Hail Hail
  6. Why Go
  7. Getaway
  8. Mind Your Manners
  9. Deep
  10. Corduroy
  11. Lightning Bolt
  12. Small Town (solo)
  13. Even Flow
  14. Come Back
  15. Swallowed Whole
  16. Given to Fly
  17. Jeremy
  18. Better Man
  19. Rearviewmirror

Encore 1

  1. 20. Footsteps
  2. 21. Imagine
  3. 22. Sirens
  4. 23. Whipping
  5. 24. I Am Mine
  6. 25. Blood
  7. 26. Porch

Encore 2

  1. 27. Comatose
  2. 28. State of Love and Trust
  3. 29. Black
  4. 30. Alive
  5. 31. Rockin’ in the Free World
  6. 32. Yellow Ledbetter
  7. 33. All Along the Watchtower