Pearl Jam – Main Square Festival – 30.06.2012 EDIT

Cidade: Arras
País: França
Data: 30.06.2012
Hora: 21:30h (16:30h de Brasília)
Site do Evento:

**Adicionei um vídeo do show completo!


01. Release
02. Go

Ed-“Before we play another note we just want to thank Florence and the Machine for bringing the sunshine, both literally and figuratively. She also spoke very beautiful French, which I won’t even try. We are just going to play.”
03. Severed Hand
04. Do The Evolution
05. Better Man
Ed-“This is just the perfect time of the evening for this song”
06. Low Light
07. Amongst The Waves
08. Even Flow
09. Wishlist
10. Lukin
11. Corduroy
Between songs Ed notices the band on the neighboring stage is so loud that he wonders if they should skip playing a quiet song. They decide to play one anyway.
12. Nothing Man
Ed-“I know you know the great Joe Strummer, mostly from The Clash but he was in another band called the Mescaleros. Joe has been gone for a long time know but we have been thinking of him a lot and listening to his music. This song is from The Mescaleros it is called ‘Arms Aloft'”
13. Arms Aloft
14. Unthought Known
15. The Fixer
16. Rearviewmirror

Encore Break 1

17. Given To Fly
Ed talks about the history of the band members previous projects and how long they have been together. All of this leads up to talking about the the next song being one of the first things they wrote.
18. Breath
19. Just Breathe
20. Black
21. Jeremy
22. Alive
23. Yellow Ledbetter
As the band are saying goodnight they thank the band playing next door and and then dance to their music



**Vídeo do show inteiro!


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