Pearl Jam – Berlin II – 05.07.2012

Cidade: Berlin
País: Alemanha
Data: 05.07.2012
Local: O2 World
Hora: 21:00h (16:00h de Brasília)
Banda de Abertura: X


01. Oceans
02. Breakerfall
03. Animal
04. Save You

Before the next song starts Ed asks what is going on in the crowd. He asks if it is just one bad person. Ed says there will be plenty of time to find space and that they are going to play an energetic show so please take care of each other. Once the crowd steps back the band starts the next song.
05. In Hiding
06. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
07. (instrumental improvisation)
08. Corduroy
09. Amongst The Waves
10. Even Flow
11. Eruption-(Anthony, Van Halen, Van Halen, Roth) (After “Even Flow” Mike starts playing “Eruption”, Ed says “Mr. Mike McCready” at the end of “Eruption” Jeff starts the bass line for “Runnin’ With The Devil and Matt gets about 2 beats in before they stop.)
12. Sad
13. Not For You
14. Present Tense (Mike plays the first few bars then makes a few mistakes and stops playing. He apologizes for “fucking that one up”. He starts the song over.)
15. Down
16. Do The Evolution
(Ed asks for the house lights to be brought up so he can see if the crowd is safe. He asks the crowd to take 3 steps back and says they won’t play another note until everyone is safe and has some room.
Once the crowd steps back Ed talks about The Ramones museum and dedicates “Come Back” to Flo and Kathy, the people that run the museum.)
17. Come Back
18. Hail Hail
19. Go

Encore Break 1

20. Mother-(Waters)
21. Just Breathe
22. Nothingman
23. Better Man
24. Wasted Reprise
25. Life Wasted
26. Porch

Encore Break 2

When the band comes back onstage the audience puts up their hands and wave them while singing “ohhhhhh”. Ed thanks the crowd and says “We are going to send out a toast to our friend Mirella who broke her ankle in Amsterdam.” Ed asks the crowd to take 3 steps back so nothing like that happens here. The band thanks Litsa (sp) and the local crew.
27. Blood/War-(Edwin Starr)
28. Alive
29. Baba O’Riley-(Townshend)
30. Yellow Ledbetter
– Músicas raras: In Hiding, Mother, Sad, Oceans, Breakerfall.
– Pelos reviews dos fãs o show foi complicado; o público estava muito apertado, principalmente na frente, levando o Eddie a pedir várias vezes que a platéia desse três passos para trás. Felizmente nada sério aconteceu.


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