Pearl Jam – Estocolmo – 07.07.2012

Cidade: Estocolmo
País: Suécia
Data: 07.07.2012
Local: Ericsson Globe Arena


01. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
02. Corduroy
03. Got Some
04. Why Go

Ed addresses the crowd in Swedish. He then asks them in English “..if everyone is doing okay? and you are having problems to raise you hand and we will find you. This next song is about the ocean when it is calm”
05. Amongst The Waves
06. Wishlist
07. Given To Fly
08. Comatose
09. Even Flow
10. World Wide Suicide
Ed says “about 20 years ago we played a place called the Koolkat Klub. It was about the size from me to Mike. I don’t think it is there anymore. I think it sunk. This is a song that I think we played there.”
11. Garden
Ed says-“that song is in our, my opinion written by one of the great songwriters, Mr. Stone Gossard.” The crowd chants “Stone” and “let Stone Sing” Ed replies, “believe me I tried, I tried to get him to sing. So get in line behind me.” He then introduces the next song by saying, “This is by another great song writer, Ray Davies. We’ve only played it once before, It’s song about hope and it’s called “Better Things”
12. Better Things-(Ray Davies) {Ed plays tambourine during the chorus}
13. Unthought Known
14. All Those Yesterdays
(During the outro the audience sings along and waves their arms back and forth. After the song Ed says, “Thanks, you made the end of that song look beautiful. This next song is about mechanics, doctors, which I’ve seen a few lately and drum techs. It is called “The Fixer”)
15. The Fixer
16. 1/2 Full (Ed uses reflective pick guard on a guitar to shine light on the audience)
17. Jeremy

Encore Break

(Ed thanks the audience for being so appreciative and that if they had known they would have come back sooner. He says the next song is for Johan (sp) and all the world travelers.)
18. Off He Goes
Ed says they are grateful the special friends they have here and they don’t get to see them very often. He dedicates the next song to them and any newlyweds they might know.
19. Just Breathe
20. State Of Love And Trust
21. Do The Evolution
Ed introduces Boom, who has never played Stockholm before
22. Love, Reign O’er Me-(Townshend)
23. Porch

Encore Break 2

(Ed says “Thank you” in Swedish, He introduces the band in Swedish. “you guys have been so great I don’t think it will be 12 years before we come back. If you are listening to the bootleg now you should see what I am seeing.” He thanks X for playing with them and how much they love X. He thanks the crew. It is two crew members birthday and Ed insists they get on stage right now. They then sing “Happy Birthday” to crew members. He thanks the crowd and says they are the best of all for coming.)
24. Once
25. Better Man/Save It For Later-(Charley, Cox, Morton, Steele, Wakeling) (Ed says-“you sing” and the audience sings the first verse and chorus with only a few words by Ed)
26. Crazy Mary-(Williams)
27. Black
28. Alive
29. Rockin’ In The Free World-(Young) {John Doe & Krissy join the band onstage}
30. Yellow Ledbetter/Little Wing-(Jimi Hendrix)




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