25/07: Eddie Vedder em Amsterdam

Cidade: Amsterdam
País: Holanda
Data: 25.07.2012
Hora: ~21:00h (16:00h de Brasília)
Abertura: Glen Hansard


01. Can’t Keep
02. Sleeping By Myself
03. Without You
04. Broken Heart
05. Trouble-(Yusuf Islam)

Ed addresses the audience in Dutch. He then continues in English. Talking about wishing he had studied languages in school but never thought he would need to use them. He also tells a story about getting bad grades for some poetry he wrote. He then turned in “Love, Reign O’er Me” by Pete Townshend. It got a C-.
06. Sometimes
07. Far Behind
08. No Ceiling
09. Guaranteed
10. Rise
Ed tells a story about Paul McCartney punching him in the face.
11. You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away-(Lennon, McCartney)
12. Light Today
Ed talks about his friend who recently passed away, Dennis Flemion of the band The Frogs and how Ed got the gold wings from them that he has onstage.
13. Man Of The Hour
14. Thumbing My Way
15. I Am Mine
16. Brain Damage-(Waters)-part
17. Dead Man
Ed talks about the freedoms available in Amsterdam and the problems with writing songs while stoned. Sometimes however, it works out. Like with the next song
18. Unthought Known
Ed comments on the theater and steepness of the upper seats. He then makes a joke about the Mixer and lighting engineer being the royal family because they are near the seats reserved for the royal family.
19. Better Man
20. Good Woman-(Chan Marshall)
21. Parting Ways
22. Porch

Encore Break 1

23. Society w/Glen Hansard
24. Sleepless Nights w/Glen Hansard-(Boudleaux Bryant, Felice Bryant)
25. Falling Slowly w/Glen Hansard- (Hansard,Irglová)
26. Open All Night-(Bruce Springsteen)
27. Arc

Encore Break 2

28. Hard Sun w/Glen Hansard-(Peterson)

*Vídeos removidos pelo 10C


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