30 de Setembro: Pearl Jam em Missoula, Montana

Cidade: Missoula
País: Estados Unidos
Data: 30.09.2012
Hora: ~ 20:30 (23:30 de Brasília)
Banda de Abertura: Mudhoney


01. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
02. Corduroy
03. Do The Evolution
04. Got Some

Ed says “this is about the coziest place we have played since I can remember. Nice place you got here Jeff Ament.” He goes on to say that it is “great to be literally surrounded by friends and family and senators. We get asked to do these a lot but it is hard to find one with a politician we can get behind. Because of certain legalities we can’t have him on the stage but there he is in 201. Hello Jon. He at least gets to be at his party.” Ed thanks Jon for doing a great job and dedicates the next song to him.

05. Given To Fly
06. Amongst The Waves
07. Severed Hand
08. Unthought Known
09. Not For You
10. State Of Love And Trust
11. Jeremy

(Ed starts saying that the next song they are going to play was written by Jeff and it doesn’t get played much but there is a line at the end of the song that is part of reason why the are playing it tonight. He then discusses the candidate on the other side that said something about the 47% of people that are living off the government. “He makes it seem that those people are never gonna do anything and just collect food stamps all their life. I don’t think those people want to go into a grocery store and pay with food stamps. It isn’t a point of pride for them. A guy who thinks like that doesn’t represent or relate to half of the country. Probably more like 1%….” I don’t think this other candidate, and you know who he is has ever experienced the terror of walking the tight rope and just getting by. And the last line of this song ‘Ghost’ is “Bring It On Because I’m No Victim”)

12. Ghost
13. Daughter/Blitzkrieg Bop-(Ramones) [changes line to ‘Hey Ho-Let’s Vote’]

(Boom gets up on his riser after ‘Daughter’ and the crowd starts shouting “Booooooooommmm”. Ed says let me explain to Jon and his wife Sharla, they aren’t booing. Ladies and gentleman Mr. Boom Gasper” Ed then compliments the University and wishes he was smart enough to go to college because it looks like a great place to attend. He also talks about waking up not feeling well and took advantage of the sauna at the school. He talks about how some people are just way too comfortable and how one person in particular seemed extremely comfortable “he was siting on a perfectly good towel and everything was just…out. I started to worry that he was gonna ask me to autograph it and then there would be the awkward moment when I would just be able to initialize it. But maybe like a good party trick I would end up being able to fit “don’t forget to vote’ on it.)

14. Know Your Rights-(Jones, Strummer)
15. Comatose
16. Why Go

Encore Break 1

(Ed apologizes for taking longer to come back from the encore break. We were trying to figure what to play next and you guys are so loud I got a terrible headache. I had to take about eight aspirin. I am all good now so make all the noise you want. In order to keep everything equal we are gonna play a song for those in the back)

17. Last Kiss-(Cochran)

(I’m not saying this to placate but it is nice to see not only the American flag but the Montana flag as well. This one is for Jeff’s friends who are now our friends. It’s called “Off He Goes”)

{the band plays the next few songs seated on chairs}

18. Off He Goes

(Ed asks, “you guys okay if we stay in ‘campfire’ mode for just a little bit?”)

19. Man Of The Hour
20. Nothingman

{The band stands up for the next song}

21. Better Man/Save It For Later-(Charley, Cox, Morton, Steele, Wakeling) [during the “Save It” tag Ed says “We’ll dedicate this one to Jon Tester, the better man.”]

Encore Break 2

(Jeff comes on stage and says, “I want to thank Jon and Sharla and everybody working so hard for them and I want to thank the band for this and I don’t think I have ever done this but I want to thank my mom and dad. I love you and thanks so much.” Ed says “I want to thank Jeff’s parents too because without him we wouldn’t be here.”)

22. Wasted Reprise
23. Life Wasted

(Ed says, “just one more thing, can we talk about the vote? can we talk about the vote? Jon talks about two things, there is the money and there is the shoe leather. This election is one of two elections that will determine what happens in the house and whether we can get anything done. So get out and support a great senator”)

24. Fortunate Son-(John Fogerty)
25. Alive

(during ‘Alive’ at one point Ed goes to the upstage area and waves at the people there and bashes a few times on the cocktail drum kit)

(Ed says, “this is gonna be a hell of bootleg and wouldn’t be complete with Mark Arm and Steve Turner from Mudhoney coming up here and playing with us”. When it appears that Mark is going to sing on Ed’s mic Ed says “Hey, he’s gotta have his own mic I want him to be able to talk to tomorrow”. This is reference to how sick Ed is and him not wanting to get Mark sick by using the same mic. Mark ends up singing on Stone’s mic)

26. Kick Out The Jams-(Davis, Kramer, Smith, Thompson, Tyner) {with Mark Arm and Steve Turner of Mudhoney}

27. Rockin’ In The Free World-(Young)

{during the break down Ed says “Look at you, look at you…chicken skin brudda, chicken skin..) Chicken skin is reference to getting “goosebumps” because of an emotional reaction.}

(Ed says, “Thank you Montana, Thank you from the band and the crew, and they know it’s true when I say this is the best American crowd we have played for since I don’t know when.” He thanks Jon Tester and encourages the audience to go out and vote.)

28. Indifference

(Ed addresses a young person in the audience and jokes “you and me are gonna go down and get you a voter ID…No, but someday you are going to be able to go out and vote.”












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