21 de Novembro: Eddie Vedder em Memphis


Cidade: Memphis
Estado: Tennessee
Data: 21.11.2012
Local: Orpheum Theater
Hora: 20:30h (00:30h de Brasília)
Abertura: Glen Hansard
Show de número 14/22




*O Eddie tocou a música “Speed of Sound”, ela raramente aparece em algum set da banda ou solo.

*A música “Pump Organ”, ainda em estágio inicial, é tocada pela primeira vez.

*Uma mulher alcoolizada teve que ser tirada pelos seguranças por causar confusão na platéia; um pai com seus filho teve que sair no meio do show devido a essa lamentável pessoa.


01. Brain Damage-(Waters)
02. Trouble-(Yusuf Islam)
03. Can’t Keep
04. Sleeping By Myself
05. Without You

(Ed compliments the Orpheum Theatre as being one of the very best and compliments the people of Memphis for keeping it going.)

06. Light Today

(A women in the audience yells “Shout out to Christopher Hitchens”. Ed says I will drink some Kool-Aid to that, or Campari and Soda, they never tell me what is in this glass…” He goes on to talk a little about Hitchens, who is mentioned in the playbill distributed at Ed’s shows, and what great writer and thinker he was. He dedicates the next song to a young girl named Brogan (sp) because it is a good sing along song)

07. You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away-(Lennon, McCartney)
08. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town

(Ed comments on how great the audience is singing and suggests that it was because Glen Hansard warmed them. He comments that he knows that Glen is really hung over. Ed says he isn’t hungover but he talked about hang overs and how he managed to avoid the hangover because he kept drinking. He gives the bartenders at Dogbar a shout out [Glen did as well in his set]. The next song was originally written for Ronnie Wood to sing on his last solo album. Ed doesn’t play it much but he is going to give it a try)

09. Speed Of Sound (for Ron Wood)

(Ed introduces the next songs from Into The Wild as songs about getting away but not running away)

10. Far Behind

(Ed explains how he felt when he read reviews of Into The Wild album that said the songs were too short. “The songs were written for the film. The scenes were two minutes long so the song had to be two minutes long.” Director Sean Penn “is a busy guy. He has films to make, Haiti to save and photographers to punch, I didn’t want to give him any extra work.” Ed goes on to talk about how influential and what a great song writer Robert Pollard and Guided By Voices are and how the taught him to write shorter songs. “Guided By Voices are a great band and really should be bigger. Robert is here tonight all the way from Dayton. Thank you Robert.”

11. No Ceiling
12. Setting Forth
13. Guaranteed

(Ed explains that the instrument he is holding is mandolin and not a ukulele. He suggests playing the ukulele if you are starting out because the mandolin is much more difficult. He dedicates the song to his “friends in the audience, they know who they are…I guess it is everyone…”)

14. Rise (after the line “ace in the whole” Ed quietly rhymes “Chelios”, referring to his friend Chris Chelios who is in at the show.

15. Long NIghts w/ Glen Hansard

(Ed explains that the next song is what “Better Man” would be if the woman in it was just a little stronger. It is by a great song writer, Chan Marshall, who goes by the name Cat Power.)

16. Good Woman-(Chan Marshall)
17. Betterman

(Ed compares his little electric ukulele to a small dog that thinks it is a big dog. He says the Gibson electric ukulele was built in the fifties when people first started putting pick ups in guitars, “but you guys know all about that, this is one of the first places they were doing it…”)

18. Loud Uke-(new song, same as previous versions)
19. Lukin (with quiet intro but not “Slow Lukin” chords)

(Ed says he spent one of the happiest days of his life in Memphis. “That was the day they freed the West Memphis Three. It was also the day that gave me hope but that you had to fight hard for it.” He talks about all the people that helped get the men out of jail. He understands that freeing them might be controversial in some places but he compares that to people who used to think the world was flat. He points out Jessie Misskelley, who is in the audience.)

20. Porch
Encore Break 1

(Ed is handed a handmade instrument that has a New Hampshire license plate with the phrase “Live Free Or Die”. Ed tries to play but it is out of tune. He says I will just play “Hey Fahkah” on it….” He plugs in the instrument and strums it a couple of times. “It sounds great! I know what I am doing on my long bus ride tomorrow..” He goes on to talk about song writing and learning to play the next song, which he dedicates to Robert Pollard because “He is the one”)

21. I’m One-(Townshend)
22. Just Breathe (Dedicated to Sarah and her new husband)
23. Immortality
24. Unthought Known
25. Pump Organ-(new song. essentially work in progress. Lyrics are different than last time)
26. Society w/ Glen Hansard-(Hannan)
27. Sleepless Nights-(Bryant, Bryant) [busk-no mics or PA]

(Dedicated to a couple that contributed to Heal EB)
28. Can’t Help Falling In Love w/ Glen Hansard-(Creatore, Peretti, Weiss)
29. Falling Slowly w/ Glen Hansard-(Hansard, Irglová
30. Arc

Encore Break 2

31. Hard Sun
32. Dream A Little Dream-(Kahn, Schwandt, Andree)


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  1. Obrigado a todos pela mensagem de apoio! Sem dúvida me ajuda a manter esse blog (algo trabalhoso!) e a divulgar mais sobre a banda que mudou a minha vida! Sempre que quiserem, não importa se é importante ou não, comentem no blog! Participem com novas ideias e opiniões!Forte abraço a todos!

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