1 de Novembro: Pearl Jam em New Orleans

Data: 1/11/2013
Local: New Orleans (Voodoo Festival)
Hora: 21:15 (00:15 de Brasília)
Local: City Park
Show de número 13/25

*Steve Gleason, ex jogador do New Orleans Saints, diagnosticado com uma doença degenativa e fã do Pearl Jam, fez o setlist!!


(Steve Gleason introduces the band)
01. Sirens-(from the new album “Lightning Bolt”)
02. In My Tree
03. Save You
04. Corduroy
05. Animal
06. Lightning Bolt-(from the new album “Lightning Bolt”)
07. Mind Your Manners-(from the new album “Lightning Bolt”)
(Ed greets the audience and comments on how nice it is to play a festival with perfect weather. He compliments the crowd along the barricade about how well they are behaving. He says to one person, “I really like your energy and your jumping around but could you give your giant back pack to a security guard up front? You are banging into these two women behind you and I can’t take it.” Ed asks the audience if any of them have been arrested before? A pretty good roar comes back. “Wow, really? we are playing for a bunch of criminals. Like in Australia. Me too, I have been arrested. Okay everybody who has been arrested put your hands up. Now how many have been arrested in New Orleans? I’m keeping my hand up.” Ed also gives out most of a phone number of a person who will bail them out. “It is Macklemore’s number and if he can’t afford your entire bail he will give you ten bucks for some Grandpa’s shoes.” He than thanks and compliments Macklemore and Ryan Lewis as brothers from Seattle and dedicates the next song to them.)
08. Given To Fly
(“The next song is about intolerance. That is one thing we can’t tolerate, intolerance. This song is about religious intolerance. It is called ‘Getaway’”)
09. Getaway-(from the new album “Lightning Bolt”)
10. Even Flow
11. Present Tense
(Ed jokes that the next song is about all the marijuana overdoses since it was legalized in Washington State.)
12. Severed Hand
13. Daughter/Another Brick In The Wall Part II-(Waters)
14. Jeremy
(Ed thanks Steve Gleason and his family for being good friends and inspirations to the band. He dedicates the next song to them.)
15. Inside Job
16. State Of Love And Trust
17. Rearviewmirror

Encore Break 1
(Ed greets the crowd and says he has some wine left. “We know we are just preparing the stage for Nine Inch Nails and we would like to toast Trent Reznor and his band mates.” Ed also talks about the gulf disaster and The Gulf Restoration Network who are trying to help clean up the oil spill and get people the truth about all the advertising and misinformation a company whom Ed won’t name but he will give out their initials, BP, After tropical storm Karen more tar balls were discovered and it is clear that not is well in the gulf.
“Steve Gleason made up this set list and I was really very excited to sing this one.”)
18. Chloe Dancer/Crown Of Thorns
19. Do The Evolution
(Ed checks with the audience and security to make sure everyone is okay. He spots some people dressed up in furry costumes. He asks if they need any ventilation and then comments, “I read about something like this on a Sonic Youth record. Something about how people can’t get sexually excited unless they are dressed up like that. Is that you? I knew I would never see anything like this until I got to New Orleans. Okay, I am in room 518 at the Hudson Arms or whatever it is. I will bring my teddy bear.”)
20. Go
21. Black
22. Alive
23. Rockin’ In The Free World-(Young)
(For “Rockin’” a person in a bunny outfit and another with a unicorn mask are onstage. Presumably the people Ed was talking to before “Go”)
24. Yellow Ledbetter
(Mike stands in front of Steve Gleason while he plays the solo at the end of “Yellow”)




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