19 de Novembro: Pearl Jam em Phoenix

A general view of the Jobing.com Arena on May 15, 2012 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Data: 19.11.2013
Cidade: Phoenix
Estado: Arizona
Local: Jobing.com Arena

Hora: 20:20h (01:20 de Brasília)
Show de número 16/25
Não há banda de abertura
POSTER (duas versões):

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*Música raras tocadas: Long Road, Low Light, 1/2 Full, Bee Girl, Around the Bend, Hard to Imagine, Footsteps, Alone.
*Eddie anuncia que a família do Jeff está no local, e que os pais dele estão casados a mais de 52 anos, assim como os pais do Stone. Ele acrescenta que o apelido que a banda deu para o Jeff é “O xerife”.
*Eddie comenta que uma pessoa que conhecia o pai dele, e que tocava em uma banda com ele, estava presente no show. Essa pessoa deu uma gravação da banda e o Eddie diz que ela era muito boa!


Intro Song: Pendulumorphosis

01. Long Road
02. Release
03. Low Light
04. Interstellar Overdrive-(Barrett, Mason, Waters, Wright)
05. Corduroy
06. Lightning Bolt-from the new album “Lightning Bolt”
07. Mind Your Manners-from the new album “Lightning Bolt”
08. Given To Fly
09. Getaway-from the new album “Lightning Bolt”
10. Yellow Moon-from the new album “Lightning Bolt”
11. Even Flow
12. Sirens-from the new album “Lightning Bolt”
13. Daughter/WMA
14. Wishlist
15. Infallible
16. Do The Evolution
17. Once
18. 1/2 Full

(Ed talks about Jeff and says, “it is kind of an inside thing but we call him the sheriff. I don’t know why. Jeff’s parents are here tonight. You could allot hundreds of wonderful things about Jeff’s parents, but one of the nicest is they have been together for about 52(?) years. And Stone’s parents have been together for 52 years.” Ed also notes that a person here tonight who knew my Dad, who I never knew…it’s a long story, but he played in a band with my dad and he gave me a recording of my dad singing. And dad was pretty good!”)
19. Better Man
20. Go

Encore Break 1

(“The first we ever played this it was made up on the spot. We played it at a radio station. It’s called “Bee Girl”)
21. Bee Girl
22. Around The Bend
(For Jill)
23. Future Days
24. Hard To Imagine
25. Footsteps
26. Jeremy
27. Alone
28. Down
(“Here’s to all the teachers out there, especially the ones teaching music. You know who you are.”)
29. Unthought Known
30. Porch

Encore Break 2

(band comes back and Ed says, “We haven’t been here in ten years so let’s keep playing. Who knows we might not get back for another ten years…Stone is thinking,‘what are you doing Ed, don’t tell them that. Worst front man ever. This one is for Yuma, Scottsdale… Stone says there is an artist colony called Mertha? Martha? Mersa? That is a disease. Okay before I reveal any more ignorance about geography lets play.”)

31. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
(Ed spots some young kids in the audience and wants to relieve dad’s shoulders so he has them brought to the side of the stage)
32. Spin The Black Circle
33. Alive
34. Rockin’ In The Free World w/ Nils Lofgren
35. Indifference


11 comentários em “19 de Novembro: Pearl Jam em Phoenix”

  1. Encore 121. Bee Girl22. Around the Bend23. Future Days24. Hard To Imagine25. Footsteps26. Jeremy 27. Alone 28. Down 29. Unthought KNown 30. Porch Encore 231. Elderly Woman 32. Spin The Black Circle33. Alive34. RITFW35. Indifference…………

  2. Two tweets of interest:@dimitrispearlja "Jeff Aments parents at show. Been together 52 years. Lot of applause."@dimitrispearlja"Ed talks about hearing his dad on a tape in a band he played in. Says didn't know what to expect but turns out he was great."

  3. Ainda na espera de Light Years e No Way… All Night e Sleeping By Myself também cairiam bem pela primeira vez nessa tour. Mas em todo show eles tocam pelo menos 1 inédita. Faltam umas 35 músicas pra tocarem todas as músicas presentes em CDs oficiais da banda! PJ nos acostuma mal.

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