26 de Novembro: Pearl Jam em Oakland

Data: 26.11.2013
País: Estados Unidos
Cidade: Oakland
Local: Oracle Arena
Hora: 20:20 (02:20 de Brasília)
Show de número 20/25
Não há banda de abertura


*Raridades da noite: Faithfull, Thin Air, Big Wave, Smile
*Uma fã brasileira teve seu passaporte e cartões de crédito roubados antes do show; ela mostrou uma placa contando brevemente a estória. O Eddie soube que os fãs a ajudaram muito (ela até ganhou o poster do show de presente!) e pediram para a banda tocar Faithfull… Foram prontamente atendidos.
*Eddie criticou o ex vice presidente dos Estados Unidos, Dick Cheney, que é contra o casamento de pessoas do mesmo sexo mesmo tendo uma filha homosexual.

01. Pendulum
02. Nothingman
03. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
04. Why Go
05. Hail Hail
06. Lightning Bolt-(from the new album “Lightning Bolt”)
07. Mind Your Manners-(from the new album “Lightning Bolt”)
08. Dissident

(Ed has the house lights turned up and comments that he recognizes many of the faces. Including a woman from Brazil who hands a sign to Eddie that says she was robbed while inside the building, (possibly just on the property it is unclear to me). She lost everything including her passport. Some fans helped her out in an unspecified manner and asked Ed to play “Faithfull” to thank those that helped her.)

09. Faithfull
10. Setting Forth
11. Corduroy
12. Even Flow

(Ed compliments Matt and Mike. The next song is about treasuring the things you love.
He goes onto talk about how it is incomprehensible that Cheney and his daughter don’t support same sex marriage even though the other daughter/sister is homosexual. Cheney’s wife’s plea to keep the matter private infuriates Ed because Cheney was the Vice President. He also thinks Cheney should be reminded every day that we are still cleaning up the mess his administration created. Lastly he suggests Dick Cheney take homosexuality one step further and make it single sex so Cheney can go fuck himself.)

13. Sirens w/sing along outro-(from the new album “Lightning Bolt”)
14. Daughter
15. Unthought Known
16. Let The Records Play-(from the new album “Lightning Bolt”)
17. Down
18. State Of Love And Trust
19. Better Man/Save It For Later-(Charley, Cox, Morton, Steele, Wakeling)

Encore Break 1
(Ed says he doesn’t know what day it is and isn’t supposed to because he plays in a rock and roll band but he knows it isn’t Sunday because the crowd is too good. He talks about all the friends they have here and that they don’t play here very often.)

20. After Hours-(Reed)
(Thanks Lou. Thank you Lou. We miss you Lou)

21. Yellow Moon-(from the new album “Lightning Bolt”)

(the band except for Matt all go and play to a riser on the side of the stage that has a bunch of people from Bridge School. The band stands on top of some empty trunks so they are the same level as the riser)

22. Last Kiss-(Cochran)
23. Just Breathe
24. Thin Air
25. Given To Fly
26. (Untitled)-prelude to MFC
27. MFC
28. Big Wave
29. Do The Evolution
30. New World w/John Doe-(Cervenka, Doe)
31. Porch


(Ed thinks the first time they played San Francisco was Sept 1991. It was the I-Beam.
The crowd probably came to see Screaming Trees or Alice In Chains not Mookie Blaylock.)

32. Smile
33. Crazy Mary-(Williams)
34. Black
35. Alive
36. Fucking Up-(Young)
37. Indifference


6 comentários em “26 de Novembro: Pearl Jam em Oakland”

  1. Continuam mantendo o padrão de pelo menos 1 música "inédita" (na tour) por show. Dessa vez foi Thin Air. As que ainda não foram tocadas:1 – Deep2 – Who You Are3 – Mankind4 – I'm Open5 – Push Me, Pull Me6 – Breakerfall7 – God's Dice8 – Evacuation9 – Rival10 – Soon Forget11 – Love Boat Captain12 – Ghost13 – You Are14 – Get Right15 – Green Disease16 – Help Help17 – Bushleaguer18 – Arc19 – Marker in the Sand20 – Gonna See My Friend21 – Johnny Guitar22 – Force of Nature23 – Undone24 – Hold OnDeep e Love Boat Captain devem rolar cedo ou tarde. Tomara que não esqueçam de Force of Nature e Marker in the Sand.

  2. A moça que foi roubada é amiga minha. Ela foi pro EUA pra acompanhar boa parte da Tour. Falei com ela hoje. Pegaram a mochila dela com documentos, máquina fotográfica, dinheiro, entradas para o show, passaporte.. ela perdeu tudo!, Alguns fãs fizeram vaquinha e juntaram $300 pra ela entrar e tal. Ela escreveu um cartaz, o ed viu, reconheceu ela dos outros shows e a presenteou com a song. Ela ainda vai em todos os shows da tour, menos o do canadá, pq perdeu a entrada e o passaporte.

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