30 de Novembro: Pearl Jam em Spokane

Data: 30/11/2013
Cidade: Spokane
País: Estados Unidos
Local: Spokane Arena
Hora: 21:00 (03:00h de Brasília)
Show de número 22/25
Banda de abertura: Mudhoney


*Um cara com cabelo muito comprido (ele usava dreads) segurava uma placa dizendo que cortaria todo o cabelo se eles tocassem “Brain of J”; o Eddie pediu para ele subir no palco e, enquanto a banda tocava a música, um amigo cortou o cabelo.


*Uma pessoa do público jogou um cigarro de maconha gigante e um outro fã jogou um isqueiro; o Eddie agradece pelo “presente” e diz que antigamente ele demoraria semanas pra fumar um cigarro desse tamanho, mas que hoje em dia em apenas uma puxada ele termina tudo. (rs)

*Raridades: Faithfull, Tremos Christ, Present Tense, Push Me Pull Me, Nothing as It Seems, Footsteps, Don’t Gimme No Lip, Brain of J


01. Pendulum-(from the new album “Lightning Bolt”)
02. Release
03. Sirens-(from the new album “Lightning Bolt”) [no outro sing along]
04. Corduroy
05. Once

(“Well, it is really happening. We are all here in the 509. We will thank everyone involved in putting this together later but the one guy we should thank now, the guy who came up with the idea and worked to make it happen. That’s Jeff Ament. He really put this together.” Ed reaches for a bottle of wine but says, “That’s a Portland bottle of wine. Since this is Washington State and we haven’t played here since ’92 or ’93 we are gonna need something bigger to last the night.” He then pulls out an enormous bottle of wine. “This is what you need. A glass in every sip. I will be sharing this later..I can probably reach to sixth row with it.”)

06. Lightning Bolt-(from the new album “Lightning Bolt”)
(during the song Mike runs laps around the stage and at the outro Ed stands on Matt’s drum riser and plays to the people in the back)
07. Mind Your Manners-(from the new album “Lightning Bolt”)
08. Faithfull
09. Tremor Christ

(Ed picks up his giant wine bottle and says “I would like to raise a little toast to one of the greatest bands to ever come out of the Northwest, Mudhoney! It seems like we should have done this together in ’92 or ’93 but we are making up for it now.)

10. Even Flow (while Mike is soloing Ed goes over to stage left and pours some wine from is gigantic bottle for people and visits with Steve Gleason)
11. Getaway-(from the new album “Lightning Bolt”)

(I don’t know if you’ve seen it or if some of you lived it but we got turned onto a documentary called “SpokAnarchy”. We didn’t know that there was anything like that going on over here then. But we loved that film and if you were in it we want to say hello.)

12. Present Tense
(some in the crowd begin chanting for Stone. Ed says “He is a great friend, a great guitar player and has great solo albums but there is no way he is going to sing a song on this. I know because every night I ask him if he wants to sing and he says no. You wanna sing one right now? Stone smiles and says something off mic to Ed. Ed says Stone says he isn’t ready to slay that dragon but the gauntlet has been thrown. Stone laughs and the crowd chants even louder. “I think he is feeling the pressure,” Ed says, “it might happen tonight. Anytime.”

13. Swallowed Whole-(from the new album “Lightning Bolt”)
14. Daughter
(Ed sees a sign that says Jeremy Spokane class today. A guy has a sign that says he will shave his head if they play that song. Ed asks to see the person to make sure they have hair. The have very long dreadlocks. Ed thinks that he has probably been thinking about cutting them off for awhile and just wanted to do something dramatic.
He then talks about the influence Lou Reed had on he and the band. “It was music that made you feel like you had taken drugs.”)

15. After Hours-(Reed)
16. Let The Records Play-(from the new album “Lightning Bolt”)
(this one is for the serious collector)
17. Push Me, Pull Me
18. Jeremy
19. Do The Evolution
20. Porch (no globes but Ed does reflect a spot light off his pick guard into the audience)

Encore Break
(Ed tells the crowd, who have been holding up cell phones like lighters, that they look like a giant birthday cake. He then picks up an enormous joint someone has thrown up on stage. He notes, “It has writing on it, that’s how big it is…‘rock and fucking roll’, ‘Spokane loves Pearl Jam’. “Well thank you!. Back in ’92 this would have lasted me weeks. Nowadays, not so much. This is a one hitter.” He has someone in the audience throw him a lighter.
He tells the audience that they have a friend here tonight that helped write the set list. “Tonight’s set list was written by Mr. Steve Gleason.” The audience chants for Steve.
“This one, I think applies to Mr. Steve Gleason”

21. I Won’t Back Down-(Lynne, Petty)
(“This is another one that Steve picked out and features Mr. Mike McCready and was written Jeff Ament. I would like to welcome the people from Big Sandy, like half the town came out.. that is like eleven people.”)

22. Nothing As It Seems
23. Footsteps

(“I would like to dedicate this next one to the person that threw that big fat joint up on stage. Oh, and Mr. Haircut Guy, you should start making your way over here. Look for a guy that really needs a haircut and put him in a cage and hang onto him until we figure out what we are gonna do. Maybe we should spay him as long as we have him. Or is it neuter? which one is which?” )

24. Severed Hand
(“Since you have elected him Stone is gonna sing one for you.” Stone greets the audience and asks them to applaud for Ed who never gets a shout out even though he gives them out all the time.
Ed jokingly offers to hold the lyric sheet for Stone and eventually gets him a music stand. Stone continues with saying that if it weren’t for Ed they wouldn’t be where they are today. Ed has carried them on his back. Stone decides that Matt also is carries the band. Ed says it is the audience is the reason they are here today)

25. Don’t Gimme No Lip

(Dreadlock guy comes up on stage and mentions they are professional and reminds the audience of the time they shaved off someone’s mullet. Once they see dreadlock guy Ed has second thoughts because the dreads are so long. Jeff exclaims “that is like twenty years!”
Dreadlock guy wants to headbang one last time to “Brain Of J” before shaving off the hair. The band plays the song. During the song Ed starts shaving. When the song is over the band plays a blues jam while Ed continues to shave the guy.

26. Brain Of J/Dread Shave Blues Jam (Ed has trouble getting through the last dread)

(“This is the first song of your head banging without all the weight”)

27. Go
28. Black
29. Rearviewmirror

Encore Break 2

(Ed talks about his friend Bob Whittaker and the Rail Trail project. He encourages people in Spokane to protect the environment and replace or run for city council so they can look after environment)

30. Given To Fly (Ed sings part from Matt’s drum riser and Mike plays guitar on stage left facing Steve Gleason)

(All right, Mr. Steve Gleason is still playing DJ for us up here.)

31. Eruption-(Van Halen)
32. Ain’t Talkin’ ‘bout Love-(Anthony, Roth, Van Halen, Van Halen)
33. Alive
34. Yellow Ledbetter (Mike plays the end of the solo standing in front of Steve Gleason


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