2 de Dezembro: Pearl Jam em Calgary

Data: 04.12.2013
Cidade: Calgary
País: Canadá
Local: Scotiabank Saddledome
Hora: 20:30 (01:30 de Brasília)
Show de número 23/25
Banda de abertura: Mudhoney


* Raridades: Of the Girl, Hard to Imagine, Red Mosquito, I Am Mine, Rats, Fuckin Up.


01. Of The Girl
02. Hard To Imagine
03. Nothingman
04. LIghtning Bolt-(from the new album “Lightning Bolt”)
05. Corduroy
06. Mind Your Manners-(from the new album “Lightning Bolt”)
07. Animal
(Ed knows how difficult it was for the band and crew to get to Calgary for the show and thought that only 2500 or 3000 people would show up tonight so he toasts the hardy Calgary people for braving the blizzard and coming to the show. He also notes that one of the great bands ever, Mudhoney, travelled for 13 hours to come play for 30 minutes so he toasts them as well.)

08. Red Mosquito

(some in crowd chant for Stone. Ed warns them that it will only make Mike play harder which is a frightening prospect. The crowd then chants for Mike. Ed asks a guy up front what his name is. He then starts chanting Scott.
Ed mentions that a couple of close friends moved to Calgary earlier in the year, just in time for the floods. Ed salutes all the folks that had to get moved to higher ground and those that had to clean up. He notes how great the Saddledome looks after the repairs.
This song is about getting to higher ground)

09. I Am Mine
10. Wishlist
11. Even Flow
12. Sirens w/ sing along outro-(from the new album “Lightning Bolt”)
13. Given To Fly
14. Infallible-(from the new album “Lightning Bolt”)
15. Do The Evolution
(Ed talks about how important Neil Young was to helping the band through good times and bad times. This next song was written with him.)
16. I Got ID {Ed sings two lines of “Cinnamon Girl”-(Young)}
(Here is to rat free Alberta)
17. Rats
18. State Of Love And Trust
(Ed throws his mic down into the audience and some guy sings the oh oh part)
19. Lukin
20. Better Man/Save It For Later-(Charley, Cox, Morton, Steele, Wakeling)
(while Mike is on laying on the floor soloing Ed comes over and lays back down on top of him. When Ed climbs off Mike grabs his leg)

Encore Break 1

(Ed tells a story about going to the doctor and being asked how much he drinks. He thinks initially that he only has a glass of wine or two every once in awhile. Then he thought well he has a couple of glasses of wine a day and some beer and then when he is working…
This next song is by a man I was lucky enough to share a few of bottles of wine with a few years ago. His name was Lou Reed)

21. After Hours-(Reed)
22. Sleight Of Hand

(This next song if for my friends Pete and Jen Lightbody. You wouldn’t necessarily know by listening to it but this song is about a couple whose children have grown up and moved out and them getting to spend time together alone.)

23. Future Days
24. Daughter (Ed sings “hush now baby don’t your cry” twice. Possible reference to “Mother” by Pink Floyd. It doesn’t follow the melody)
25. Last Exit

(Ed has the house lights turned up so they can point out a young boy named Jaxon that has a video of him playing drums to “Mind Your Manners”. Ed say that in twenty years they will come back and play the same place and open for Jaxon’s band)

26. Go
27. Porch

Encore Break 2

(Ed toasts all the snow plow drivers and road salters in Calgary that allowed people to come to the show tonight. He laments the puny snowplow armada of Seattle (two).
He then sings a little bit of “Mr. Plow” from “The Simpsons”)

28. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town (played to audience behind the stage)
29. Crazy Mary-(Williams)
30. Alive
31. Fuckin’ Up-(Young)


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