19 de Fevereiro: Eddie Vedder em Melbourne III

Cidade: Melbourne
País: Austrália
Data: 19/02/2014
Local: Palais Theatre


01. Long Road
02. Immortality
03. Thumbing My Way

(Ed notes that it is the 34th anniversary of the death of AC/DC’s Bon Scott)

04. Gone
05. Can’t Keep
06. Sleeping By Myself
07. More Than You Know
08. Picture In A Frame-(Brennan/Waits)
09. Just Breathe (dedicated to Caroline and Josh as well every same sex couple looking to get married.)
10. No Ceiling
11. Far Behind
12. Guaranteed/Corduroy (After trying to take requests and even reflecting light off of a mirror to pick people out to request songs Ed seems to give up and plays the intro to “Guaranteed” then switches to “Corduroy” and plays the entire song on acoustic guitar)
13. Long Nights w/ Glen Hansard
14. My City Of Ruins w/ Glen Hansard-(Springsteen)
15. Throw Your Arms Around Me-(Archer, Falconer, Howard, Miles, Seymour, Smith, Waters)
16. 4th Of July-(Alvin)
17. Betterman
18. Porch
19. Future Days
20. Forever Young-(Dylan) [dedicated to newly born Hazel]
21. Bugs (played on pump organ)
22. Smile w/ Glen Hansard)

(Ed expresses concern because the venue has a very strict curfew and he has been told if he goes past it the venue could lose the ability to have any more shows. He doesn’t want to leave what he describes as one of the best audiences of the tour)

23. Open All Night-(Springsteen)
24. Hard Sun w/ Glen

Glen Hansard Set List

01. High Hope
02. Love, Don’t Leave Me Waiting
03. When Your Mind’s Made Up
04. Song Of Good Hope
05. On The Inside (from Aussie soap opera “Prisoner”)
06. Lies
07. Come Away To The Water
08. This Gift
09. Step Out Of The Shadows (sung A cappella)


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