25 de Fevereiro: Eddie Vedder em Brisbane III

Cidade: Brisbane
País: Austrália
Data: 25/2/2014

Local: QPAC Concert Hall


Intro Music: Waving Palms
01. Can’t Keep
02. Sleeping By Myself
03. Without You
04. More Than You Know
05. Speed Of Sound (Dedicated to Mark Richards)
06. Dead Man
07. Sometimes
(Ed praises the genius idea a girl scout had setting up outside a marijuana dispensary in Colorado)
08. Driftin’
09. Setting Forth
10. No Ceiling
11. Far Behind
12. Guaranteed
13. Rise
14. Long Nights (For Tomas Young)
15. Masters Of War-(Dylan)
16. Betterman
17. Just Breathe
18. 4th Of July-(Alvin)
19. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
20. Porch
21 Sleepless Nights w/ Glen Hansard-(Bryant, Bryant) [busk]
(Ed plays a drinking game involving dropping a 50 cent piece into a glass. He invites and audience member named Daniel Olsen on stage to try it as well. Daniel misses the glass but gets a beer anyway)
22. Falling Slowly w/ Glen Hansard-(Hansard, Irglová)
23. Drive All Night w/ Glen Hansard & Jake Clemons-(Springsteen) {Ed pump organ and bg vocals, Glen Hansard-acoustic guitar and vocals, Jake Clemons-saxophone}
24. Open All Night-(Springsteen)
25. Hard Sun w/ Glen Hansard-(Peterson)
26. Rockin’ In The Free World w/ Glen Hansard, Jake Clemons and Tom Morello-(Young)
27. Dream A Little Dream Of Me-(Kahn, Andre, Schwandt)
Glen Hansard Set List
01. Leave/Love, Reign O’re Me-(Townshend)
02. Love, Don’t Leave Me Waiting/Respect-(Redding)
03. When Your MInd’s Made UP
04. Step Out Shadows
05. Come Away To The Water (Glen brings a woman from the audience on stage to sing with him.)
06. Lay Me Down
07. Song Of Good Hope

08. This Gift


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