26 de Junho: Pearl Jam em Berlim


Cidade: Berlim

País: Alemanha

Data: 26/6/2014

Local: Wuhlheide

Hora: 20:30 (15:30h de Brasília)




01. Pendulum
02. Low Light
03. Nothingman
04. In My Tree
05. Go
06. Why Go
07. Do The Evolution
(after the song the audience continues to sing the bridge part.  Ed joins them for a bit.
He asks the audience to take three steps back and calls out the middle section when they don’t move.  “we can see you are not moving.”)
08. Corduroy
09. Lightning Bolt
10. Mind Your Manners
(After commenting that they like playing the fast songs Ed expresses concern that it is still too crowded up front so he asks the audience to take three steps back and tells the rest of the crowd to “watch the ones in the middle.  You are like the soccer player that bites people, you think no one can see you but we can.”   This time the entire crowd moves back.)
11.  God’s Dice
12. Hold On
13. Given To Fly
14. You Are
15. Who You Are
16. Even Flow
17. Let Stone Sing (improv with lyrics about why Stone doesn’t sing.)
(After the improv is over the audience continues the chant.  Ed encourages Stone “c’mon sing something.  Maybe something from “Frozen”?   Stone sings the line “Let It Go” in a bass voice.  He then thanks the audience but says he won’t be singing tonight.)
18. Sirens
19. Jeremy
20. Immortality
21. Eruption-(Van Halen)
22. Lukin
23. Rearviewmirror

Encore Break 1

24. Sleight Of Hand
25. Sleeping By Myself (dedicated to the “twenty drunk guys down in front because that is what they are going to be doing tonight.”)
26. All Those Yesterdays
27. Crazy Mary-(Williams)
28. Comatose
29. Blood
30. Porch

Encore Break 2

(Ed thanks the local and touring crew.  He has the audience say hello to Maltida, a little girl in the front row.  Then they play the next song for her.)
31. Bee Girl
32. I Believe In Miracles-(Ramone, Ray)
33. Alive
34. Keep On Rockin’ In The Free World
35. Yellow LedbetterPOSTER:







6 comentários em “26 de Junho: Pearl Jam em Berlim”

      1. levarei um cartaz no próximo show do PJ no Brasil, Escrito Bayleaf! Se rolar só a introdução.;…já estarei pronto pra ir pra casa do capeta!

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