05 de Julho: Pearl Jam em Werchter


Cidade: Werchter

País: Bélgica

Data: 05/07/2014

Local: Rock Werchter Festival

Hora: 22:15 – 17:15 de Brasília




01. Rearviewmirror
02. Mind Your Manners
03. Animal
04. Cordruoy
05. Lightning Bolt
06. My Father’s Son
07. Do The Evolution
08. Given To Fly

(Ed comments that for the longest time all the best bands were British.  The Who, The Kinks, etc.  But then in the 80’s he heard The Pixies.  He can’t believe that they are playing at the same time as the Pixies.)

09. All Night w/ Midlake (members of the band Midlake come out and sing backing vocals)
10. Even Flow
11. Sirens
12. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
13. Why Go
14. Spin The Black Circle
15. Wasted Reprise
16. Life Wasted
17. Better Man/Save It For Later-(Charley, Cox, Morton, Steele, Wakeling)

Encore Break 1

18. Future Days (someone named Jeff asked Ed to sing the sing for his wife Denise)
19. Mother-(Waters)
20. Jeremy
21. State Of Love And Trust
22. Black
23. Daughter/Where Is My Mind-(Francis), WMA  (Ed sings some lines from “Where Is My Mind”.  The music is the usual daughter outro so just a few lines.
24. Porch

Encore Break 2

25. Sonic Reducer-(Bators, Blitz, Chrome, Magnum, Thomas, Zero)
26. Alive
27. Rockin’ In The Free World-(Young)
28. Yellow Ledbetter/Angie-(Jagger, Richards)/Little Wing-(Hendrix) (Before playing “Yellow” Mike launches into “Angie” and Ed sings the title a couple of times.)

Destaque do show: Foi a 13ª vez que Rearviewmirror abriu um show do Pearl Jam. A última vez havia sido em 2007 em Katowice, na Polônia.





2 comentários em “05 de Julho: Pearl Jam em Werchter”

  1. No site do festival o show começa de 10:15 e vai até 1:00 da madrugada, será 17:15, horário de Brasilia. O show do Pearl Jam está marcado com o sinal de interrogação sobre a disponibilidade do sinal online. Como sempre.

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