12 de Outubro: Pearl Jam em Austin


“Austin City Limits Music Festival”

Cidade: Austin

País: Estados Unidos

Data: 12/10/2014

Hora: 20:00 (21h de Brasília)

Local: Zilker Park





– “You Are” foi escolhida por Steve Gleason para a sua esposa.
– “Lukin” foi dedicada a um cara chamado Aldo, do Peru; ele sofreu um acidente e perdeu sua audição, depois de fazer uma cirurgia, recuperou parte dela e estava presente no show. O Eddie disse que a próxima música (Lukin) seria tocada bem alto em homenagem a ele.
– Durante a “Porch”, o Mike destruiu um dos globos que ficam pendurados no palco; de acordo com o 10c, os prejuízos foram grandes.


01. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
02. Interstellar Overdrive-(Barrett, Mason, Waters, Wright)
03. Corduroy
04. Mind Your Manners
05. Given To Fly
06. Lightning Bolt
07. Immortality
(“You are better off smoking something green than taking something that someone hands you without knowing what it is.  That happened to me once but at least we got a song out of it.”)
08. Severed Hand
09. Daughter/Mother-(Waters)
10. Even Flow
11. Sirens
12. Do The Evolution
(Ed introduces Steve Gleason and talks about ALS.  Steve requested the next song for his wife.)
13. You Are
14. Unthought Known
15. Down
16. Jeremy
17. Yellow Moon
18. Black (during the instrumental break shakes hands with the ASL interpreter.)
(Ed talks about Aldo from Peru, who was in an industrial accident and lost his hearing.  He wasn’t able to attend shows but recently had surgery that helped restore some of his hearing.  He is in the audience tonight and some friends raise him up on their shoulders so Ed can see him.  Ed says they are going to play the next song extra loud for him)
19. Lukin
20. Porch (Mike destroys one of the globes with extreme prejudice.)

Encore Break

21. Better Man
22. Alive
23. Baba O’Riley-(Townshend)
(“This one is called ‘Love the Neighbors’, It is a lullaby.”  ACL has a curfew and Pearl Jam played long last weekend.  And this weekend.)

24. Yellow Ledbetter/Star Spangled Banner


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