17 de Novembro: Pearl Jam em Brasília


Data: 17/11/2015

Cidade: Brasília

Hora: 20:30








01. Release
02. Wash
03. Nothingman
(Ed addresses the audience in Portuguese.)
04. Corduroy (audience sings the bridge section without Ed {everthing has changed..} The band jams briefly then goes back into the bridge which Ed sings. The song continues on from there.)
05. Lightning Bolt
06. Mind Your Manners
07. Brain Of J
(Ed addresses the audience in Portuguese again. Something about music and being grateful.)
08. Tremor Christ
09. In My Tree
10. Even Flow
11. Rain-(Lennon, McCartney)
12. Unthought Known
13. My Father’s Son
14. Animal
15. Daughter/Another Brick In The Wall part 2-(Waters)
16. Habit (At the end of ‘Habit’ Mike wrestles his guitar to the stage and drags it around, throttling it a couple of times and then swapping it out to start the next song)
17. Given To Fly
18. Lukin
19. Reaviewmirror

Encore Break 1
(Ed asks the audience how they are doing. The indicate that they are well and enjoying themselves. Ed says he is also doing well but notes that he has never eaten more bugs in his entire life than he has tonight and he is also getting eaten by the bugs. He hopes the audience is not suffering like he is because “there is a lot of meat out there” This is a reference to the fact that there are mosquitos and other insects flying all around the stage. The band is constantly battling the plague of mosquitos while trying to play.)
20. Redemption Song-(Marley) {Ed acoustic & Boom B3}
21. Mother-(Waters)
22. Sirens-sing along outro
23. Jeremy (Mike causally tosses guitar picks out between strums. During the outro chorus Mike runs laps around the stage.)
24. Supersonic
(Ed asks the audience what they want to hear. He then asks the people in the back what they want to hear. He gets list of all the songs they play and looks it over. Eventually something catches his ear and he selects a song.)
25. Why Go
(Ed finds a shirt with a song request on it. Request is granted with the caveat that “you might not know it…We might not know it.”)
26. Drop The Leash
27. Porch (Ed goes down to the barricade for the end of the song)

Encore Break 2

28. Last Exit
(Speaking in Portuguese Ed relates that a Brazilian fellow {Sergio?} in the audience tonight made him a very beautiful guitar that Ed is going to play for the next song. I think Ed says that he thinks the guitar has some songs in it.)
29. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
30. Better Man (for the outro Stone makes a rare venture over to Mike and Jeff’s side of the stage and jams along with them. Ed makes it over as well.)
31. Do The Evolution
32. Crazy Mary-(Williams)
33. Alive (Mike solos down at the barricade and I think Jeff goes to Stone’s side and plays a bit)
34. Baba O’Riley-(Townshend)
(Ed thanks the audience. He makes a joke about how in Sao Paulo he kept asking the audience if they were okay but instead of a thumbs up he was making a circle with his thumb and index finger while holding out the rest of his fingers which is an obscene gesture here in Brazil. While telling the story he repeatedly makes the obscene gesture much to Jeff’s entertainment.)
35. Indifference


8 comentários em “17 de Novembro: Pearl Jam em Brasília”

    1. Ehhhhh… Pra compensar o atraso de uma hora, os caras capricharam no set. PQP!

      Músicas executadas pela primeira vez no Brasil (considerando todas as passagens da banda): Wash, Brain Of J., Tremor Christ, In My Tree, Rain (tocada pela 8ª vez na história), My Father’s Son (primeira execução na turnê latino americana), Rendemption Song (4ª execução em 25 anos!) e Leash.

      Não posso comparar com os outros dois shows do BR, pois não estive presente, mas o set foi animal.

      Senti falta de pelo menos uma música do Binaural (não tocaram nada do Riot Act e Abacate tb). Quem sabe no Rio?

      PS: João, lhe vi na saída do banheiro por volta das 19h50, lhe gritei mas vc parecia bem apressado e não ouviu. Ficamos separados pelo corredor da premium. Vai descer pro Rio? Suas considerações sobre o show?

      1. Baita show, parecem meninos de 20 anos soltando uma energia da porra! De fato fazem falta músicas do Binaural.
        E o que é uma hora pra gente que esperamos tanto?

  1. Deixaram de tocar I Want You So Hard, do Eagles of Death Metal (banda envolvida nos atentados em Paris). Estava no setlist, mas foi cortada (no lugar tocaram Why Go).

    1. No show tem um stand da banda que vende alguns artigos. Achei o poster um pouco caro -R$ 150,00 – mas isso se deve à desvalorização do real perante o dólar.

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