20 de Novembro: Pearl Jam em Belo Horizonte


Data: 20/11/2015

Cidade: Belo Horizonte

Hora: 20:30



01. Rain-(Lennon, McCartney)
02. Sometimes
03. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
04. Go
05. Mind Your Manners
06. Once (Ed throws his mic into the audience and they sing the outro)
(Ed addresses the audience in Portuguese.)
07. Got Some
08. Rearviewmirror (rare appearance of RVM early in the first set and played as short version without an extended jam section)
09. Pilate
10. Even Flow
(Ed talks to the audience in Portuguese. He talks about the Bento Rodrigues dam disaster that resulted in at least 9 deaths, many missing and the evacuation of 600 people. The dam failure also caused devastating pollution in the river.)
11. Infallible
12. Given To Fly
13. I’m Open (“This guitar was made by one of your countrymen right here in Brazil. It is one of my favorite things. Obrigado Sergio.” Sergio made Ed a very custom guitar and gave it to him in Brasilia.)
14. I Am Mine
(This next song is about someone I don’t believe in. It is about Satan. And even though I don’t believe in him I would tell Satan to fuck off. In the song he is trying to get me to suck….No, I am good Satan. Some band ended up sucking it but they weren’t from Seattle)
15. Satan’s Bed
(Ed addresses the band in Portuguese. He seems to be talking about his great friends in the band and introduces them)
16. Deep
17. Jeremy
18. Why Go

Encore Break 1
(…we want to keep playing for you if that is okay. This song is about a girl. This song is by Jeff)
19. Bee Girl
20. Sleeping By Myself
(Ed speaks in Portuguese. He ends by saying in English, “we will send some pictures to them.”)
21. Imagine-(Lennon)
22. Sirens-(sing along outro) {while singing the outro Ed says, “I am just thinking about the people affected by the dam accident…” After the song Ed notes that their hasn’t been a fund set up to help the families hurt by the disaster and are planning on donating money from this show in the name of the fans at the show. “We hope we can help out and do something practical))
23. Do The Evolution
24. Want You So Hard (Bad Boy News)-(Hughes, Homme) {This is a cover of an Eagles Of Death Metal song. The band was playing a show in Paris at Le Bataclan when it was attacked by terrorists on November 13. 89 people were killed at that venue alone including the bands local merch manager Nick Alexander.}
25. Corduroy
(Ed struggles a bit with his Portuguese but he lets us know that they are going to be doing Stone’s song.)
26. Mankind
27. Porch

Encore Break 2

28. Eruption-Van Halen
29. Garden (Ed says, “Happy Anniversary” during the intro of ‘Garden’)
(“over here I saw someone with child on their shoulders…and when you see something like that you know that people are taking care of each other…”)
30. Comfortably Numb-(Gilmour, Waters) {the audiences does the “ ahh” shriek during the line “okay just a little pin prick there’ll be no more (ahh)…”.
31. Lightning Bolt
32. Black
33. Sonic Reducer-(Bators, Blitz, Chrome, Magnum, Thomas, Zero)
34. Alive
35. Rockin’ In The Free World-(Young)
36. Yellow Ledbetter/Little Wing-(Hendrix)


2 comentários em “20 de Novembro: Pearl Jam em Belo Horizonte”

  1. Que emoção ouvir ao vivo tantas músicas maravilhosas! Que foda me sentir como se estivesse nos primeiros shows depois de ouvir quase o Ten inteiro! Já quero mais! Que show incrível! Não ouvi Inside Job como esperava, não teve Better Man que queria ouvir ao vivo, mas foram 36 músicas e até o Stone cantou! Inesquecível!

    1. Belo show!
      Inside Job é bem dificil de tocarem mesmo, teria que ter muita sorte pra ouvir de primeira. Já Betterman é raro não tocarem , deu um azar aí.
      Mas foi um set bem legal.

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