08 de Abril: Pearl Jam em Ft. Lauderdale


Data: 08 de Abril de 2016

Local: BB&T Center

Cidade: Ft Lauderdale – Florida

Horário: 21:30 (Horário de Brasília)




(Band comes onstage while walk on music is playing and house lights are on. Pearl Jam starts riffing and playing like the start of the Vs album then house lights go out and Go properly starts)

01. Go
02. Mind Your Manners
03. Corduroy
04. Given To Fly (for Shawn Thornton-Panthers hockey player)
05. Help, Help
06. Deep
07. Nothingman
08. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town

(Ed notes that he only brought one bottle of wine. If he knew so many people were going to show up he would have brought more so he could share. He then tells a story he admits has no point about seeing faces in the tiles of his hotel sink that appear to be judging him. He suspects his toothpaste’s flavor crystals might be dosed. He closes by warning people to watch out and not to let anyone slip anything in their drinks.)

09. Severed Hand
10. Unthought Known
11. Sirens (for sing along outro Ed improvs an outro lyric)

( Ed notes Mike’s 50th birthday and the audience sings Happy Birthday to him. Ed mentions Cheap Trick playing at Mike’s birthday party AND that they are probably being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame at this very moment.)

12. Surrender-(Nielsen)/Cheap Trick {one chorus of the song only}
13. Even Flow
14. Amongst The Waves
15. I Am Mine
16. Swallowed Whole
17. Who You Are
18. Do The Evolution (Ed dances around wearing a Donald Trump mask during an instrumental break of the song)
19. Why Go

Encore Break One
(Ed notes that there are some young kids in the audience at their first concert. He also points out a couple of guests that are in their early 90’s.)
20. Yellow Moon
21. Footsteps
22. Last Kiss-(Cochran) {played to the audience behind the stage)
(Ed goes into the audience on the stage left side much to their delight)
23. Black (while Ed is singing he goes out onto the speakers on stage right and hands picks to a women in the audience. He also sings from Matt’s drum riser)
24. Comatose
25. Lightning Bolt
26. Porch (EV stands on the barricade for the outro)

Encore Break Two
(Ed talks about the crew being part of the family and that Tim Quinlan, known to everyone as “Scully” had died today. He had been a guitar tech and crew member during the first ten years of the band. Visibly emotional, Ed lets Scully’s family know that he meant very much to the band as well and that they will miss him very much.)
27. Light Years (dedicated to Tim “Scully” Quinlan and his wife and children)
28. Better Man
(during the solo Mike and Ed lean and push on each other while Jeff and Stone rock out next to Boom)
29. Alive
30. Baba O’Riley-(Townshend)

(Ed playing acoustic guitar. He says he was asked by audience member Gary Nichols to play the next song. He notes that Florida has more veterans than any other state. Clearly emotional he says he will play it for the man’s son Tyler)

31. I Am A Patriot-(Van Zandt)
32. Indifference


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