09 de Abril: Pearl Jam em Miami

AAArena_Night (1)

Data: 09 de Abril de 2016

Local: American Airlines Arena

Cidade: Miami – Florida

Horário: 21:30 (Horário de Brasília)




01. Corduroy
02. Do The Evolution
03. Mind Your Manners
(“Kyle, this is for you!”)
04. Save You
05. Pilate
06. Dissident
(Ed lets the audience know that they were not trying to pull a “Guns & Roses”. They didn’t start at 8 because there was a lot of traffic and people had not been able to get to the venue. On the plus side he notes that there is no curfew and Miami is a late night town.)
07. W.M.A. (full song-not a tag)
(“We wrote this song when were about twenty five. Which is about how old this song is…man, that is crazy. Well, let’s play the shit out of it anyway.”)
08. Even Flow

(Ed thanks the people working for the building and Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat for inviting them over. He says that Jeff got to watch a game but they didn’t get to play basketball. Ed mentions that in a few years they expect the sea level in Miami to reach about the third tier of the arena “but your Governor seems to think he has a solution for that. He really seems to be handling it”. The audience laughs and groans in equal measure.)

09. Infallible
10. Daughter/It’s OK-(Cole)

(“that song is by Dead Moon and we would like to play the next song for Fred and Toody and send our love for the drummer Andrew Loomis.”)

11. Sad
12. Down

(earlier in the evening Jeff was pointing out a pair young men that had the words “Tremor” and “Christ” written on their foreheads. Ed points the guys out and says they may have to play their request because even in Miami on Spring Break there is no way those guys are getting laid. He feels worse for the kid with Christ written on his forehead and asks if he has his mom’s number in his phone so he can call her from jail. “if not I will give you Mike’s.”)

13. Tremor Christ
14. Wishlist
15. Jeremy
16. State Of Love And Trust
17. Rearviewmirror

Encore Break One
(Ed introduces the next song by saying that he has sung on a Chan Marshall AKA Cat Power album and she sang on his ‘Ukulele Songs’ album. “love you Chan and this song is an important one)

18. Good Woman-(Chan Marshall) solo Eddie Vedder

(Ed says a friend of his brother was at the last show and commented on how great the fans are. Ed agrees and then says that occasionally you run into some guy who takes his shirt off in public and the camera pans over to show a guy in the pit without a shirt. Ed says, ‘if only I weren’t married…’ Ed mentions that someone gave his wife a check for $10,000 tonight for EB research. He also talks about -Tony who lost his wife Diane 6 weeks ago to breast cancer, she was diagnosed in 2014 and they married the day after her diagnosis. He plays the next song for Tony.)

19. Just Breathe- (Ed and Boom)
(This goes out to an Italian couple, you know who you are)
20. Sleeping By Myself-full band

(Ed talks about Roger Waters doing a lot for veterans and also playing with Roger. He notes that Florida has more veterans than any other state. It is a good place to live but he is disappointed how the government treats veterans. He says that a dollar from every ticket goes to help veterans.)

21. Comfortably Numb-(Waters)
22. Sirens
23. Once
24. Given To Fly
25. Porch

Encore Break Two
(Ed mentions a stage diver like in the old days and the guy actually didn’t get caught. He talks about playing in Miami and Stone getting a guitar stolen. He talks about a guy in a wheel chair that got passed crowd surfing style from the back of the venue all the way to stage during “Rockin’ In The Free World”. That guy ended up being Mark Zupan who was in the documentary “Murderball” He says “I heard that Mark might be here tonight so…start in the back.”

played for the audience behind the stage
26. Soldier Of Love-(Cason, Moon)

(Ed says that last night we had sad news about an old crew member and we realized that we have a guy who has been with us since day one. Since inception… Ed talks about how much Kevin has contributed over the years and that he created this years Deep magazine. The band and audience sing happy birthday and give him a cake. Ed talks about the time they paid Kevin $500 each to cut his hair in a mullet and make him wear it for a week. It was in Canada so no one noticed.)

27. Spin The Black Circle
28. Black
29. Alive
30. Rockin’ In The Free World-(Young)
(Mark Zupan is onstage for this song. Mike solos right in front of Mark and Eddies says it is nice to see him and it has been a long time. Mark is brought to the edge of the stage while band takes final bows.)



Um comentário em “09 de Abril: Pearl Jam em Miami”

  1. Agora a questão é quando Mind Your Manners deixará de ser tocada em algum show.
    Caminhamos para uma grande sequencia, nunca ficou de fora de setlist desde sua primeira vez.
    Lógico só os 2 Mountain View. Veremos…..

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