28 de Abril: Pearl Jam em Filadélfia I


Cidade: Filadélfia

Data: 28/4/2016

Local: Wells Fargo Center

Hora: 20:30h (hora de Brasília)





Band On Stage:08:38
Band Off Stage:11:24

01. Once
02. Animal
03. Gonna See My Friend
04. All Night
(Ed talks about headlining Dobbs in ’92.)
05. Mind Your Manners
(Ed introduces Jeff as a master musician on the bass and a great song writer. Jeff wrote Low Light)
06. Low Light
07. Wishlist
08. Love Boat Captain {“this is for Joshua, he is nine. There is a great organization called “Given To Live” that made it possible for him to be here.”}
09. Given To Fly
10. Even Flow
(Ed spends a little time praising Matt Cameron. He talks about Matt’s amazing memory. He jokingly says I don’t know if Matt has ever ‘inhaled’ but I think he may have at least once. When he wrote this song.)
11. In The Moonlight
(“I fucked that one up a little bit. Sorry about that.” He asks if a light can shine on a jersey hanging from the rafters. “That guy lived about twenty feet higher than anybody. Dr. J. Julius Erving.” This is also for Joe.)
12. In My Tree
13. Jeremy
14. Education
(“This one is for Ashley”)
15. Unthought Known
16. Do The Evolution
17. Lightning Bolt
18. Porch

Encore Break One
(Ed says, I think this is a first. We have had some people meet at shows. I think in Italy at least one couple conceived their child at a show. But I hear that Pat and Eden got married in Suite 25 at the show. Ed finds them in the audience and congratulates them. “I tried to find the most romantic song I could for you. The couple are featured on the screen for much of the next song.)

19. Picture In A Frame-(Brennan, Waits)

(an audience member (possibly a couple of them) has been shouting for ‘Dirty Frank’. Ed acknowledges them at the encore break but says he will think about it but he isn’t that dirty minded. When the person persists after “Picture” Ed tells them to settle down and that you can’t follow up a romantic song like that with “Dirty Frank”. The band gets ready to play the next song which Ed notes they haven’t played in Philadelphia since Dobbs in 1992. There is a little confusion with guitar tunings but it appears at first to have been worked out. The opening chord indicates that things have not, in fact, been worked out. Ed claims that a guitar must have gotten into his wine. Mike starts to play Angie by The Rolling Stones. Ed sings a bit of the verse. The eventually get the guitars sorted and play…)

(Angie-{Jagger, Richards} only about 40 seconds)

20. Oceans
(Ed and Jeff reminisce about the first time Ed went to Jeff’s place. He saw that Jeff had a ton of art. They talked about Andy Wood and so tonight they decided to play…)

21. Chloe Dancer/Crown Of Thorns-(Mother Love Bone, A. Wood)
22. Why Go
23. Got Some
24. Rearviewmirror

Encore Break Two
(This is a request. Somebody has saying fuck you to me for week so Fuck You)
25. Save You
26. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town (to back of venue)
27. Crazy Mary-(Williams) {Boom quotes the melody from “Paint It Black” by The Rolling Stones very brief}
28. State Of Love And Trust (Ed gets an American Flag robe and is wearing a Rocky T-shirt. Ed gives the mic to an audience member to sing a little bit)
29. Alive
30. Fuckin’ Up-(Young) (Mike goes into the pit and lets the fans there touch his guitar. He appears to have a nice conversation with one them. At the end of the song several people are strumming his guitar while he loosens the tuning pegs)
31. Indifference (Ed stands on the barricade. He stops singing for a second and looks down and says off mic, “No that hurt.”. He gets sorted out and continues singing)



3 comentários em “28 de Abril: Pearl Jam em Filadélfia I”

  1. Só uma música do Lightning Bolt. Pelo jeito essa fase está superada… que venham os trabalhos pra um novo disco! Tomara que pinte já em 2017.

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