11 de Junho: Pearl Jam no Bonnaroo Festival


Ontem, dia 11, o Pearl Jam tocou no Bonnaroo Festival. A apresentação atrasou um pouco devido ao mau tempo, mas no final acabou tudo bem. Eles tocaram até Oceans! Confiram abaixo o setlist com informações detalhadas:

Pearl Jam set delayed because of weather
Band Onstage:11:37
Band Offstage: 1:40

(Ed asks the audience if it is past their bedtime)
01. Go
02. Save You
03. Corduroy
(during the intro Ed says “let’s hear it for Macklemore and LCD sound system.” He tells the audience he is happy to be here and that they can play.)
04. Lightning Bolt
05. Given To Fly
06. Nothingman
(“before we play the next song I want to talk about one of the candidates that wants to build a wall.” He points all of the ridiculous, insulting, expensive, bigoted and impossible implications of building such a wall. He offers to give money to build a wall around the unnamed candidate with a viewing port so the candidate could see the obscene gesture Ed would like to show them.)
07. Mind Your Manners
08. Even Flow
09. Wishlist (for Nathan and Jessie [sp] who met ten years ago today in this very spot)
(Ed introduces the next by “the great Joe Strummer”. He talks about Joe’s fondness of festival culture in Europe. Ed notes that Bonnaroo is maybe the first US festival that feels like one of those Euro festivals in it’s positivity.)
10. Arms Aloft In Aberdeen-(Bullen, Shields, Slattery, Stafford, Strummer)
(Ed talks about the transgender bill that was rejected but notes that Representative Susan Lynn has promised to bring it up again. He directs his comments to Rep. Lynn and implores her to join those people who are looking forward to a future rather than continue the bigotry of the past. He lets Rep. Lynn know that she can break her promise to bring back the legislation and live in a future with tolerance.)
11. Daughter
(“Happy Birthday Jeremy”)
12. Jeremy
13. Why Go
14. Porch

Encore Break One

Ed compliments the audience on taking care of each other

15. Oceans
(Ed asks Bonnaroo to do him a favor for someone that means the world to him. “See I got a birthday cake for a girl but I didn’t get any candles. If you light up your phones you could be the candles and when she blows them out you could turn them off. The birthday girl turns out to be Ed and Jill’s daughter Olivia. The audience sings her Happy Birthday and acts as her candles)
16. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
(“This one goes out a guy named Mickey Hart” (almost certainly a reference to the Grateful Dead drummer. The Dead And Friends are playing Bonnaroo the night after Pearl Jam)
17. Comfortably Numb-(Gilmour, Waters) { Ed plays piano on Boom’s riser. Ed thanks Roger Waters for letting them borrow the song on a special night. }
18. Do The Evolution
19. Better Man/Save It For Later-(Charley, Cox, Morton, Steele, Wakeling)
(We have a friend here who has made many records with us)
20. Black w/ Brendan O’Brien playing piano
21. Alive
22. Rockin’ In The Free World-(Young)


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