6 de Junho: Eddie Vedder em Londres


Cidade: Londres

Local: Eventim Apollo

Hora: 21:00 (Brasília)



Ed On Stage 08:58
Ed Off Stage 11:14

The Red Limo String Quartet are:
Sietse van Gorkom-violin
Camilla van der Kooij-violin
Rani Kumar-viola
Jonas Pap-Cello

Intro Music: Tuolumne

01. Walking The Cow-(Daniel Johnston)
02. Trouble-(Stevens)
03. Sometimes
04. Thumbing My Way
05. I Am Mine
06. Can’t Keep
07. Without Your
08. Ukulele Anthem-(A. Palmer) {Ed gets the “worst sounding ukulele” he has and promises to give it to a little girl he spotted earlier in the audience when he finishes the song.  He comments that the song is about absolute devotion to the ukulele.  Ed, of course,  gives her the instrument}

The Red Limo String Quartet enters the stage
09. Here Comes The Sun-(Harrison) {Ed plays ukulele}
Quartet exits the stage

10. Far Behind
11. Setting Forth
12. Guaranteed {dedicated to Sean Penn for “inventing this job for me”.}
13. Long Nights-(with Glen Hansard playing bass) [Ed refers to Glen as hero of a friend and ox of a man and says he really is the “Ox” now because he is playing bass.  This is reference to The Who bassist John Entwistle’s nickname.]
14. Rise
15. Better Man

16. I Am A Patriot-(Van Zandt)
17. Immortality
18. Lukin
19. Porch
20. Isn’t It A Pity-(Harrison) {Ed plays on pump organ}
21. Wishlist
22. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
(“this is by my favorite Nobel laureate for my great friend Dhani [Harrison]”)
23. Forever Young-(Dylan)

The Red Limo String Quartet enters the stage
24. “Heroes”-(Bowie, Eno)-with strings {Partial}
25. Just Breathe-with strings

{Ed talks about Chris.  How Chris was not only a friend but like a brother.  He and Glen play a very emotional version of the next song and Glen sings the last part}
26. Song Of Good Hope-(Hansard) with strings. Ed sings main vocal, Glen plays guitar and sings harmony

{This one’s for George [Harrison].  He loved the Everly’s”.}
27. Sleepless Nights-(Bryant, Bryant)-They barely get into the song before Ed says he screwed it up and stops.  “I don’t feel like I should be driving right now”.  so the move onto the next song promising to play it “for George” next time
28. Falling Slowly-(Hansard, Irglová) w/ strings  {Glen sings lead and plays guitar.  Ed sings harmony except for the bridge where he sings the lead
29.  Rocking In The Free World-(Young) with Glen Hansard and Dhani Harrison
30. Hard Sun-(Peterson) with Glen Hansard and Dhani Harrison playing ac gtr and bg voc & Red Limo Sting Quartet bg voc
31. Dream A Little Dream Of Me-(Kahn, Andre, Schwandt) {Ed wanted to serenade his lovely friend Olivia Harrison}


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