Setlist do Eddie em Cork: 11 de Junho


Ed On Stage 08:44
Ed Off Stage 11:09

The Red Limo String Quartet are:
Sietse van Gorkom-violin
Camilla van der Kooij-violin
Rani Kumar-viola
Jonas Pap-Cello

{The venue is huge tent covering some kind of asphalt lot.  Seating is general admission so the crowd is at the barricade}

Intro Music: Tuolumne
(Huge response from audience when Ed comes out.  Instead of the first song on the set list Ed decides to play a sing-along.  The audience sings the front on their own with Ed joining in at the 2nd verse)
01. Better Man
02. Throw Your Arms Around Me-(Archer, Falconer, Howard, Miles, Seymour, Smith, Waters)
03. Sometimes
04. Don’t Be Shy-(Stevens)
05. I Am Mine
06. Off He Goes
(Glen Hansard comes onstage carrying a birthday cake. It is Ed’s daughter Olivia’s birthday.  Ed talks about the joy of being surrounded by beautiful women that love him and are loved by him and expresses mock dread that they are officially parents of a teenager.  He gets the audience to sing Happy Birthday to Olivia and has some people on the barricade help blow the candles out.  He then lobs the cake into the audience)
07. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
08. Bad-(U2) {partial about 1:30)
09. Wishlist
10. Can’t Keep
11.  Soon Forget
Quartet enters the stage
12. Sleeping By Myself with quartet
13. It Happened Today-(Buck, Mills, Stipe)-with quartet
Quartet exits the stage
14. Far Behind
15. Drifting
16. Guaranteed
17. Rise (The internal mic on the mandolin fails so it is no longer going to the PA or monitors.  Ed stops singing but the audience carries on singing for him.  He likes that so much he repeats the chorus a few times with the audience.  After the song he uses a slingshot to launch guitar picks into the crowd)
18. Unthought Known
19. Open All Night-(Springsteen)
20. Porch
22. Comfortably Numb-(Gilmour Waters) {Ed plays pump organ}
23. Should I Stay Or Should I Go?-(Headon, Jones, Simonon, Strummer) (played on a Gibson electric ukulele.)
24. Last Kiss-(Cochran)
Quartet enters the stage
25. Come Back with quartet
26. Black with quartet-(Ed plays electric guitar and sings.  The audience enthusiastically participates)
27. Falling Slowly-(Hansard, Irglová) with Glen Hansard and the quartet {Glen sings lead and plays guitar.  Ed sings harmony except for the bridge where he sings the lead.  More enthusiastic singing by the audience. Glen and Ed are obviously thrilled with the audience.}
Quartet exits the stage
28. Society-(Hannan) with Glen Hansard.  {Both play acoustic guitar.  Ed sings main vocal while Glen sings harmony.  Glen switches to lead vocal on verse 2}
29. The Auld Triangle-(Dicky Shannon) with Glen Hansard
30. Rockin’ In The Free World-(Young) with Glen Hansard
Encore Break
31. Hard Sun-(Peterson) with Glen Hansard and Red Limo String Quartet.  {Ed reveals he has a “People’s Republic of Cork” t-shirt}


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