13 de Março: Pearl Jam em Santiago


Cidade: Santiago

País: Chile

Local: Movistar Arena

Hora: 21:30h


Walk On Music: Metamorphosis Two-Phillip Glass
Onstage 09:34
Offstage 12:36

Matt was wearing a black t-shirt with a stylized graphic of Chris Cornell on the back

01. Release
02. Of The Girl
03. Low Light
04. Animal
05. Mind Your Manners
06. Hail Hail
(during the song Ed sees a women in the pit and asks Pete to take care of her)
(After the song ends the audience sings the Olé chant.  Ed asks the audience to look out for each other and to look out for the ladies.  There is a long night ahead of us.  Be safe okay?  He goes on to address the audience in Spanish.)

07. Love Boat Captain (extended intro version)
08. Corduroy (extended version)

(Ed introduces la batería, the maestro Matt Cameron.  EV addresses the audience in English and Spanish again)
09. Dissident
(Introduces Mike)
10. Even Flow
11. Present Tense
(more Spanish chat from Ed.)
12. Given To Fly
13. Garden (first time played in Santiago)
(introduces guitar genius Stone Gossard)
14. The Fixer
(“This is a gift,  a loud gift from me and Mike McCready)
15. Eruption-(Edward Van Halen)
16. Lightning Bolt

(Premier live performance of recently released “Can’t Deny Me” from the upcoming Pearl Jam album)

17. Can’t Deny Me (Ed introduces the song in Spanish. Ed is aware that Chilean student protesters are supporting the Parkland students in Florida.  He dedicates the song to the survivors  the Parkland mass shooting and the protesters.  He mentions Emma Gonzales and wishes her love and support.
Ed plays a cowbell attached to a chair while he is singing)
18. Porch

Encore Break 1
(Ed gets a sign and mentions that there are some good singers in front of the hotel.  He looks at the writing on the cloth sign and says “we are going to play this one for your dad.”)

19. Around The Bend
20. Footsteps

“Alright, This one’s for you…and Chris.”
21. Come Back
(Ed discusses Jeff in Spanish.  About celebrating his birthday.  Ed talks about him traveling around Chile.  The audience sings him Happy Birthday in Spanish and English.  Chef assistant and head of dressing rooms, Zack, gets a lot cake smeared on his head and back. Jeff seems to escape mostly unfrosted)

22. Crazy Mary-(Victoria Williams)
23. Do The Evolution
24. Better Man / Save It For Later-(Charley, Cox, Morton, Steele, Wakeling)

25. Black
26. Comfortably Numb-(Gilmour, Waters)
27. Alive (Ed gets a Chilean flag with Pearl Jam written on it and puts it on one of his monitors at the end of the song,

Encore Break 2

(Ed chats with the audience about how nice it has been to be in Santiago for a few days.  He asks if they are coming to the other show. (Lollapalooza).  He asks if he can keep a sign (tossed onstage?).  He pretends to notice the crowd behind the stage and says “hold on” and runs back to sing the next song.  The band isn’t set up to play to the back but only Boom and Matt can’t play to the back)

28. Last Kiss-(Cochran)
29. Baba O’Riley-(Townshend)
30. Indifference


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6 comentários em “13 de Março: Pearl Jam em Santiago”

  1. Set List do dia 13/03/18

    Set 1
    1. Release
    2. Of The Girl
    3. Low Light
    4. Animal
    5. Mind Your Manners
    6. Hail, Hail
    7. Love Boat Captain
    8. Corduroy
    9. Dissident
    10. Even Flow
    11. Present Tense
    12. Given To Fly
    13. Garden
    14. The Fixer
    15. Eruption
    16. Lightning Bolt
    17. Can’t Deny Me
    18. Porch

    Encore 1
    1. Around The Bend
    2. Footsteps
    3. Come Back
    4. Crazy Mary
    5. Do The Evolution
    6. Better Man
    7. Save It For Later
    8. Black
    9. Comfortably Numb
    10. Alive

    Encore 2
    1. Last Kiss
    2. Baba O’Riley
    3. Indifference


    4. WHY GO
    5. DTE
    6. EVEN FLOW
    10. DAUGHTER
    11. GOT SOME
    12. CAN’T DENY ME
    13. LUKIN
    14. PORCH

    ENCORE 1
    15. LAST KISS
    16. SIRENS
    17. JEREMY
    18. SOLAT
    19. BETTER MAN

    ENCORE 2
    21. RVM
    22. ALIVE
    23. RITFW
    24. YLB

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