24 de Março: Pearl Jam no Lolla São Paulo

Foto: O Estado de São Paulo.

Eis abaixo o set do Pearl Jam ontem, no Lollapalooza.

O show foi transmitido ao vivo pela Multishow.

Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 11.12.37.png

01. Wash
02. Corduroy (during the solo Ed greats Mike and asks “how is your hand”.  Mike is too busy soloing to really acknowledge him) extended instrumental and outro
03. Do The Evolution (normal communion ritual during the bridge)
04. Why Go
05. Mind Your Manners

(In Portuguêse Ed wishes the audience a good evening.  The audience chuckles and Ed prepares to read his phonetic Portuguese notes.  He chuckles as well  He thanks Perry Farrell for putting on the festival and says something about family?)

06. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town

(Ed talks about the “March For Our Lives” marches that were going on in the states.  The kids are demanding to be safe in their schools and lives.  He also says that I know our countries are a little bit similar and we have to stop that shit.  It is such a beautiful life….
This song is dedicated to them.

07. Can’t Deny Me

“Actually you know what, if someone wants to have something in their hands that makes them feel powerful.  I mean really fucking powerful,,,why don’t they pick up a guitar and giant fucking amp?  Like Mike McCready did?  Mike, show them what you can do with a guitar?”

08. Even Flow (Mike goes down to the barricade and leans into the audience)

(Ed addresses in Portuguese.  He mentions the great or powerful Perry Farrell.  The audience doesn’t react much and he wonders if he screwed it up.  He tries a few other phrases and finally says in English, “I wanna wish Perry Farrell Happy Birthday”.  Perry comes out and the audience sings for him. Etty Lau Ferrall  presents him with a birthday cake.  Perry speaks to the audience in Portuguese and then the band starts to play.)

09. Mountain Song-(Farrell, Avery)  with Perry Farrell sing duet with Ed. (Jane’s Addiction cover)

(“Okay this next song is a request, I think from right over there”-pointing into crowd)

10. Breath
(During the 2nd verse Ed climbs down onto the subs between the stage and barricade and sings.  He gets someone to throw him a Brazilian flag and climbs back on stage.)

Introduces Matt in Portuguese, asks for lights to come up and continues in Portuguese about how great David Byrne’s set was and he does a little solo Talking Heads
11.  Pulled Up-(Byrne)
12. Unthought Known
13.  Jeremy (Ed goes back into the barricades to sing the chorus and bridge.)
(The maestro Jeff Ament)
speaking in Portuguese talking about family…
14. Sirens (extended outro with sing along)
15. Down

Ed talks about Stone’s trip to Pantanal.  He swam with piranha’s and kept all his bits.  More seriously he notes all the conservation work Stone has done and that the band is donating money down here to protect some areas. Stone Gossard,  you can’t find a Better Man

16. Better Man/Save It For Later-(Charley, Cox, Morton, Steele, Wakeling)
(Mike goes over to rock out with Boom.  Stone goes over to rock out with Jeff.  Stone ends up hanging out stage right for a while.  Ed mentions seeing a shirtless dad with young kid.  He talks about how strong the man was and how lovely his daughter was.  She was wearing a shirt that said ‘one of a kind” and Ed knew her dad was going to look after her until she could look out for herself and that girl was gonna do great”

Everybody okay in the back?  It is a different zip code…Gabriella this is for you..
17.  Hold On
18.  Black  (Ed walks out onto the wings of the stage while singing.  When the audience takes over singing the outro Ed quietly says “beautiful, wonderful.” They chant Ole and Pearl Jam while Ed makes hugging motions)
19.  Once
(Ed brings out his Brazilian guitar.  He asks Blue to switch to color screens so the audience can see it.  Strumming quietly he says and then sings, “it sounds so good”  But then if you play it loud it sounds better!
20. Lukin
21. Porch (EV once more into the barricades)

Encore Break
(Ed sings and chants with audience.  “If this were surfing this would be one of the best waves of our lives.  We were just saying this is truly one of the greatest crowds we’ve ever played for.”  Speaking in Portuguese.  Perhaps something about best crowd in the world?)
22. Smile
(brief bit about Roger Waters doing great)
23. Comfortably Numb-(Gilmour, Waters)
24. Alive
25. Baba O’Riley-(Townshend)
(We got three minutes, we got three minutes you wanna do it? at Mike.  Mike switches guitars.  “This is us saying goodbye”
26. Yellow Ledbetter  (getting signals about ending.  Ed tells Mike to go the ending.  The solo is cut short and they go to the end of the song.  No outro solo.  Ed has him stop.  “We gotta go, they won’t let us back”  He introduces the band and himself.  We love you so much.  We won’t forget your kindness thank you)


5 comentários em “24 de Março: Pearl Jam no Lolla São Paulo”

  1. Concerto fantastico !!!
    Repertorio sublime e magnifica presentazione di Eddie Vedder e chitarrista Mike Mccready!
    São Paulo aveva già un set meraviglioso allo stadio Cicero Pompeu di Toldeo e ora riceve uno dei migliori set di festival che i Pearl Jam hanno già presentato !!!!

  2. Vi esse show no Multi Show e confesso… não ouvia Pearl Jam a muitos anos, sempre gostei da banda mas não ouvi mais, não sei porque… Vendo o show me lembrei qdo aos meus 16 anos ouvi o disco Ten e logo depois aos 18 anos fui pro Japão trabalhar… Lá nos meus dias de folga eu visitava a Tower Records e sempre ficava ouvindo Pearl Jam, comprava os cds etc… Sabe quando algo “acende” dentro de vc? E vc simplesmente se encanta e lembra o quanto essa banda é boa!!! Ir em algum próximo show deles está sim dentro dos meus planos!! ^^

    1. Legal o depoimento, Andrea. Muitas vezes deixamos coisas pelo caminho. Nunca é tarde demais para reacender algumas que valem a pena. 🙂

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