Setlists: Pearl Jam em Milão e Padova


Milão – I-Days Festival 22/6/2018

Band Onstage: 09:19
Band Offstage: 11:15
Walk On Music: Metamorphosis #2-Phillip Glass

(Speaking in Italian Ed talks about first playing Milan in 1992 and it was also the first time they had played Italy.)
01. Release (sings the first verse in Italian)
02. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
03. Do the Evolution
04. Given To Fly
05. Wishlist
(Addresses audience in Italian.)
06. Even Flow
07. Corduroy
08. Immortality
09. Eruption-(Van Halen)
10. You Are
11.  Daughter / Another Brick In The Wall-Waters (40 second tag)
12.  Mankind (Stone lead vocals)
13.  I Got Id (Ed stops the song during the break down because he sees an ambulance driving by at the back of the crowd. He asks a couple of times if everything is alright. He gets a response that allows him to continue. After the song he checks with PJ security to confirm.)
(Ed thanks the Stereophonics.  He also wants to talk to the audience but warns them that his Italian is not good.  Essentially he is talking about the anniversary of meeting his wife Jill here in Milan.  Jill is brought on stage and they drink some champagne. Jill is wearing a jacket that has the message “Yes We Care Y Don’t U?  A reference to the jacket Melania wore when she left for Texas to check on immigrant children who had been separated from their families.  A policy implemented by her husband.)

14. Porch (Ed reflects light off his pick guard into the audience. He also goes to the barricade and pours wine for people.)
15. Footsteps

16. Black (Ed talks about how they sometimes get letters or talk to people who talk about how much their music has meant to them in their life. Ed says Italy has been very important in their life and he thanks the audience and the country.)
16. Alive (While Mike is soloing behind his head he goes down the stairs to the barricade and runs around.  Ed dances with his youngest daughter.)
18. Rockin’ In The Free World-(Young) (Ed climbs a bit of scaffolding, getting about 10 feet off the ground.  He climbs down to end the song.)
19. Yellow Ledbetter (with improved intro)


Padova – 24/6/2018

Band Onstage: 9:04
Band Offstage: 11:47
Walk On Music: Metamorphosis #2-Phillip Glass

(Before the band comes on the audience sing a sustained “oh”)
01. Pendulum

02. Low Light
(Ed addresses the audience in Italian. Something about playing Italy for the twentieth time and wishing good evening to Padova)

03. Last Exit
04. Do The Evolution (During the sing along break Ed walks out on the wings of the stage.)
05. Animal (More walking the wings while singing. Asks Kille to “Let me see them”)
(Addresses audience in Italian)
06.  Padova (Sings improvised lyrics (?) that were essentially singing “Pavoda” and lines like being safe under her skies and being back home.)
07. Corduroy (The audience sings along a lot and claps. During instrumental break Ed again asks Kille to light up the audience.)
08. Given To Fly
(EV asks for lights up to check on the audience including those in the back.  He introduces Matt and then says, “The guy who wrote the next song just put out an excellent album and video. That’s Jeff Ament on the bass but he can play it all. This song is religion and chance.)
09. God’s Dice
10. Not For You / Modern Girl-(Sleater-Kinney) (tag is 45 seconds long and repeats chorus lyrics)
11. Even Flow (During solo Mike is pretty excited.  He even whacks his vintage strat against his vocal mic)
(Addresses the audience in Italian)
12. Daughter ( Improvised additional lyrics – “Donald Trump we are not going to take this /  Dividing our country and making us racist / Donald Trump you are headed to the end I will be there my friend  /  The educated will take you down / The truth is gonna take you down the truth is gonna find you out”)

The next song is also about the devil when he comes to get you.  Only this one isn’t orange.  It is red.
13. Red Mosquito
(Ed thanks the audience and tells them they are continually surprised by the support of the Italians.  He tells them that the band has been working on some great new material and they know they will be back soon to play it. He spots a giant poster with the head of former baseball player Sean Casey.  He doesn’t know why it is there, but notes that the enormous head is actual size.  He leads the audience in a chant to send to Sean so his head will get even bigger.
On a more serious note Ed talks about positivity and determination allowing people to be a survivor. For Bill )
14. Mind Your Manners
(After this song Ed corrects himself and says “Okay Bill, THIS one is for you.  This one, this one.)
15. Down
(Dedicated to Jack White)
16. Spin The Black Circle
17. Porch

Encore Break

Greets the audience.  Lets them know that he knows that this town is a little more well educated and he is glad that the well educated like their music (reference to Padova being important to education for centuries).  He lists some towns nearby and says this is for all of you.

18. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
19. Inside Job
20. Once
21. Better Man /Save It For Later-(Charley, Cox, Morton, Steele, Wakeling) (verse and chorus and outro jam 2 min tag)
22. Black (improvised lyrics-you have the power to turn this world / you can turn this world around / you can change the worlds revolution/ Time Heals-(Todd Rundgren) 23 second tag.  not really vocal melody but has lyrics / You’re The Best Thing About Me-(U2) (40 second tag. vocal melody very close)
23. Crazy Mary-(Williams) (Boom quotes melody to “Paint It Black” by Jagger/Richards for a couple of phrases.  Less than 10 seconds)
24. Rearviewmirror

Encore Break 2
(Ed introduces the band and instrument switch.  He also wants to introduce his friend Daryl (sp) who is going to be living in Padova. He also talks about Daria and Luca that gave him a book they wrote when he was in Taormina called “Pearl Jam-Evolution”.  Ed is sure the book is good but it is in Italian.  He holds up a photo of their new daughter Eleonora and dedicates the next song to them)
25. Smile
(Ed tells a very amusing anecdote about being trapped on a small island while visiting a friend and missing the last boat back to his hotel. There was much searching for hotels, drinking, mentions of drugs and angry wives.  He tells the story because he doesn’t want to happen again and he is happy to be alive.)
26. Alive
27. Baba O’Riley-(Townshend)

28. Indifference

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