Setlists; Krakow, Polônia.

Pearl Jam
Tauron Arena
Kraków, PL
July 03, 2018
Set List

Band Onstage: 8:23
Band Offstage: 11:16
Walk On Music: Metamorphosis #2-Phillip Glass
Open'er Festival 2014
01. Of The Girl
02. Present Tense
03. Last Exit
04. Why Go
05. Do The Evolution
(Stone starts to play In Hiding but Ed stops him so he can talk to the audience and sip some wine.  Ed toast the audience and talks about the first time they played in Poland at Warsaw.  He lists the other cities they played and this being the first time in Kraków.  Ed notes that Kraków is considered the intellectual and cultural center of the country)
06. In Hiding
07. Other Side
(Ed has a spot light shine on two young women.  One has Green and the other has Disease written on their forehead.  Ed likes it because it looks like they are thinking it.  “This song was written when Donald Trump was just an asshole.  Now that he has an important job you would think he would try to be better but he just seems to be getting worse.  That’s okay because it is making us stronger…)
08. Green Disease
(You have a great saying here, jakoś to będzie.  I think I understand what it means and it is sort of what I was trying to say with this song)
09. I Am Mine
10. Even Flow
11. Garden
12. Severed Hand
13. Not For You / Modern Girl-(Sleater Kinney) 1 minute tag music and lyric (Ed starts off singing easy stuff for the crowd to sing back.  Things get more complex and silly until he is staccato whistling which the crowd tries to duplicate)

14. You Are
15. Given To Fly
(This is for all the people in robes)
16. Mind Your Manners
(The video screen shows the Strajk Kobiet logo (silhouette of woman’s head in profile with red lighting bolt laid over it) and Ed says I am singing for strong and powerful women)

17. Lightning Bolt  (Jill gets a shout out at the top of the instrumental outro)
18. Porch

Encore Break One
(You have managed to make what was a big empty room at four o’clock into the best beach with great waves.  We remember it being good but this is amazing.  Ed suggests that some people may have met or fallen in love listening to this song.  Or just fucked.  He members his young daughters are at the show and changes the description to holding hands and being respectful to your partner..)
19. Just Breathe (performed by Ed, Boom and Matt (bg vocals).  The Front Of House console temporarily fails so Ed shares some wine with the audience while they reboot.  Some in the crowd sing the Black sing along part.  Ed eventually checks the mic and sings the last line of the song.)
20.  All Or None
21.  Footsteps (Ed dedicates the song to a longtime fan-missed the name)
22. Once
23. Whipping
(“Some people say that maybe the people on stage or even the people in the audience shouldn’t show any support or wave a flag (holds up pride flag).  He talks about how things in the US are deteriorating and he talks about some alarming laws that are being passed in Poland currently that make it more difficult to protest. He speaks passionately about continuing to protest and not surrendering freedoms.  All said over Wasted Reprise)
24. Wasted Reprise
25. Better Man / Save It For Later-(Charley, Cox, Morton, Steele, Wakeling) 50 sec tag

Encore Break 2

26. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town (played to the audience behind the stage)
27. Comfortably Numb-(Gilmour, Waters)
28. Alive
29. Fuckin’ Up-(Young)
(Ed points out a few young people in the crowd.  One kid he thinks is very cool and when he is of age, Ed will buy him a drink.  Another young man with a Soundgarden shirt is brought up to meet the band)
30. Yellow Ledbetter  (Young guy in the Soundgarden shirt is handed one of Stone’s guitars and plays along with the band,)


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  1. Os setlists dessa turnê europeia estão do caralho mesmo… Muita diversidade, raridades e semeando todos os álbuns… Estou de cara!

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