Setlists; Away Show – Missoula 13/08/2018

Pearl Jam
Washington-Grizzly Stadium
Missoula, MT
Away Show #1
Aug 13, 2018
Set List

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Walk On Music: Aye Davanita (from Vitalogy album)

Band Onstage:8:43
Band Offstage: 11:29

(Ed comes out wearing an Evel Knievel white leather jacket. He takes it off pretty quickly)
01. Pendulum
02. Low Light
03. Go
04. Do The Evolution
05. Arms Aloft-(Bullen, Shields, Slattery, Stafford, Strummer)
06. Mind Your Manners

(All right, well music brings people together and we are glad that everyone came out for a very important reason.  Jeff thank you for organizing this and inviting us.  It is nice to be back.  The crowd is chanting Jeff.  Ed says that is a reason to drink.  He and Jeff both take swigs from Ed’s wine.  Ed talks briefly about how beautiful it is here.  Ed says, I know Paul McCartney played here because I was sitting there.  Inspires Ed to play about 10 seconds of “Blackbird” by The Beatles.  He said The Rolling Stones played here.  Mike plays about ten seconds of “Jumping Jack Flash”.  Ed suggests they all play a different Stones song.  He counts it off and chaos ensues..  EV says we may be the first band to play here twice.  He isn’t bragging because a person who brags about crowd size isn’t really a good guy.  Without naming it is obvious who is talking about since he mentions the person bragging about breaking Elton John records.  The only thing Ed would brag about is if they get the largest young voter turn out.  “That I would brag about all day”

07. Corduroy
08.  Pilate
09. Even Flow (Ed starts to sing the outro chorus but stops to go the edge of the stage and to encourage the audience to sing.)

(How about a little history?  We are on a campus.  21 years ago today was the first real show we played.  We had played clubs and stuff but the first real show we played with Matt Cameron was right here on this stage.  Thanks so much Matt.  You got a beat you could play for that?)

10. In My Tree (instead of ‘newspapers’ Ed says ‘textbooks don’t matter much to me’  for the second line)
11. Down

(Ed asks for the house lights to come up.  He sees a young girl in the audience.  He says it looks like she has perfect time and I am getting so much energy from you young lady.  It is so great to know that the world is going to be in your hands some day.  He asks the audience to pass a tambourine back to her. The tambourine does make it back to the girl despite some minor skepticism.)

12. Lightning Bolt
13. Not For You /Modern Girl-(Sleater Kinney) 1:10 tag
14. Daughter/It’s OK-(Cole)-full song
15. Setting Forth
(That was for the big sky this one is for Big Sandy [Jeff’s hometown])
16. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
(I want to say before the next song that election day should be a national holiday.  He lists some problems with not being a holiday and things that a holiday would help.
He points out a couple in the front row wearing matching t shirts that say I (heart) Sex & Beer.
I am glad you found each other.  He gets them some beers.  “Now, I am gonna give these to you and I want to watch you enjoy them.  But that is all I want to see.  They drink the beer pretty quickly and Ed ask, “Now you don’t do the other thing that quickly.”  He goes back to voting and says the best thing is on that day we are all equal.  It is right and responsibilities.  He says we need to vote in big numbers because there are complications like big money, corruption and Russians.  Voting is the Antidote.  It is your vote they can’t deny)
17. Can’t Deny Me
18. Porch (Mike kneels in front of his amp and works feedback from it like a theremin, moving the guitar in and out.  Ed goes the barricade for the “Heys.”  People are grabbing him too hard.)

Encore Break One
(Ed and Jeff spot some trouble in the audience.  Ed says it looks like the people over there are voting this guy out and we agree.
After the incident is resolved Ed wants to talk about Jeff because unlike some people Jeff isn’t one to brag.  Ed lists some of the things that Jeff has done for charity.  He also introduces Jeff’s aunt and uncle and his parents.  Ed says this next song is one of many collaborations.  Or is it collusion?  Are we colluding?  Jeff says “guilty”.)

19. Bee Girl
(This is a quiet one for the serious collector)
20. Fatal
(Ed wants to thank a bunch of people but he has Jeff start.  Jeff thanks the band, crew and management and everyone involved with their activism.  There are four groups we have been working with, Ford Montana Group, Planned Parenthood of Montana, He continues to list people to thank.
Ed asks the audience to show their appreciation for all the hard work the individuals have put in he asks them to turn on their phone lights.  We talked about Paul McCartney’s music in here I thought we should have some of John’s as well)

21. Imagine-(Lennon) “no hell below us, above us Big Sky”
22. Given To Fly

23. Throw Your Hatred Down-(Young)
24. Better Man /With Or Without You-(U2) :10 seconds / I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend-(Ramones) : 20 seconds,  / Save It For Later-(Charley, Cox, Morton, Steele, Wakeling) 1:00  (Ed finishes the song lying on his back and playing guitar)
25. Jeremy
(I need to make a public service announcement and there are probably signs.  If you text “ROCK” to 52886 you will be asked to commit to being a voter in November.  It is the people you vote for that will be your voice in DC.  It is overwhelming.  There is a lot going on.  Make sure to use your voice.  It is so important for your community, state, country and planet.  You are in the top five states where the election can be decided by the youth vote.  We would never tell you who to vote for.  In this case we don’t have to  The choice is obvious)

26. Know Your Rights-(Strummer, Jones)
27. Alive

28. Rockin’ In The Free World-(Young)
29. Indifference (Ed has the Evel jacket on again)

Ed thanks Evel Knievel, the band and John Tester for being someone we can believe in and trust

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