Setlists; Home Show #2- Seattle 10/08/2018

Pearl Jam
Safeco Field
Seattle, WA
Home Show #2
Aug 10, 2018
Set List

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Walk On Music: Aye Davanita (from Vitalogy album)

Band Onstage: 8:33
Band Offstage: 11:59

Mike has two big handwritten signs that say “Save The Showbox” on his guitar rig
01. Oceans
02. Footsteps
03. Nothingman
04. Why Go
05. Brain Of J.
06. Interstellar Overdrive-(Barrett, Mason, Waters, Wright) :35 seconds
07. Corduroy
(Ed greets the audience and asks if they mind if he drinks tonight?  “Damn if this concert thing isn’t a great demonstration of our right to assemble.”  Ed thanks the Mariners for letting them use the field. The shows are centerpiece of a much larger project.  Ed said he realized they were nervous because they have never played a show that raised eleven million dollars to help the homeless.  This song goes to some old Seattle residents that might still be hiding..)
08.  Rats
09. In Hiding
10. Whipping
(Ed says he has a prediction to make, he hesitates and says he doesn’t want to talk politics. He decides to predict that country will be in worse shape if people don’t get out and vote in the mid term elections.  He also predicts that Mike will play a crazy solo because he is mad at the Showbox being threatened with being torn down.  Ed says he has seen a huge number of amazing shows there.  “This next song is called ‘Condos, do we really need more fucking condos?’”)
11. Even Flow (Mike climbs down off the stage and goes to the barricade all while soloing with the guitar behind his head. After the solo Ed starts a chant where he says “Save the …’” the audience replies “Showbox.” )
12. Missing-(C. Cornell)-song was originally part of the Poncier tape that Chris made for the film ‘Singles’.
13. Daughter / WMA / It’s Ok-(Cole) (Ed shouts “for Fred and Toody” of Dead Moon towards the end
14. Immortality
(Introduces one of the greatest friends, father, husband, drummer Mr Matt Cameron.  Ed talks about living in the rehearsal space in the early days and finding out that he was going to have his picture in Rolling Stone magazine. He talks about going to find the magazine, Madonna was on the cover and Ed digresses with a short bit about Madonna spanking him.  The picture was there and it was Temple Of The Dog. There it was.  He showed the magazine to the proprietor of the shop.  He told the owner that it was him in the photo.  The owner though it was neat and asked if it was a bike magazine.  Ed learned perspective. “But this is a cover that really means something,” referring to Stone on the cover of Real Change)
15. I’m Open
16. Unthought Known
(We’d like to play this for all the people we’ve met at the last two women’s rallies and the people my wife met at (gun control).  Talks about the administrations lack of empathy.  Here’s to the people that march and we must keep marching.)
17. Can’t Deny Me
18. Do The Evolution
19. Lukin
20. Porch

Encore Break 1

“Good evening again”  Ed checks on the audience.  We are asking favors.  Ed asks about a sound coming from behind him.  He asks if can be turned off.  Turns out it is a train going by.
We are asking for favors from our friends.  “the last time I saw Tom Petty was right here last summer.”  It would mean a lot to me, because if he is out there, metaphysically, I just really want to get his attention.  Tom I miss you.  So you could you sing along and hold your devices with the lights.  Let’s light up the sky.  The audience complies generously. Lots of lights.)

21. I Won’t Back Down-(Lynne, Petty) Crowd sings along on the chorus.  “I love you Tom”
22. Thin Air
(Ed chats about Mariners for a second)
23. All Or None
24. Better Man /Save It For Later-(Charley, Cox, Morton, Steele, Wakeling) (contains part of verse not just “Don’t let me down / Runaway” )
25. Crown Of Thorns-(Mother Love Bone, A. Wood)
(We would like to bring out a friend of ours.  He is good friends with Randy Johnson.  He is good friends and band mates with Matt Cameron. Soundgarden Total Fucking Godhead is an understatement (Matt is wearing a shirt that says that)  Kim comes out and reveals that he is wearing the same stylized Chris Cornell shirt that Matt had been wearing on tour.)
26. Kick Out The Jams-(Davis, Kramer, Smith, Thompson, Tyner) with Kim Thayil  (Ed and Mike both kneel and bow at Kim at the end of the song)
(We dedicate this one to Sub Pop records number 30, see you on the beach tomorrow)
27. Spin The Black Circle
28. Rearviewmirror (false start) / Fernando-(ABBA)-30 seconds
(After the first lyric Ed stops playing.  Something sounds wrong to him. He knows he has played the song a lot but it didn’t seem right. His solution is to guzzle some wine.  He says that the song just sounded like..and starts singing Fernando by ABBA a cappella until Matt gives him a beat. He sings about 25 seconds of the song and says, “It didn’t sound like that?”
Well, playing in front of 40,000 of your friends can be a trip. I was tripping..”  They restart the song)
29. Rearviewmirror

Encore Break 2
(Ed was driving by the stadium a few days before the show and saw so many tents.  He thought it was ironic that there was such a big homeless camp. Someone pointed out that those tents were people camping out to get front row in the pit.  Ed thinks spending two days waiting for a show is too long.
Ed brings out his friend and tech Simon Good.  He also introduces Boom Gasper)

30. Crazy Mary-(Williams) / Paint It Black-(Jagger, Richards) :30 riff during solo
31. Jeremy
Between songs a train rumbles by and blows its whistle.  “There’s that train again.  Do we got something louder than that train?”  Matt counts off the next song.
32. Leash
(Ed asks Kim Thayil to come out again and he asks another guitar player out.  Mr. Steve Turner.  And one of the great, great singers of Seattle so good even Ed’s brother likes him more than Ed as a singer.,. Mr. Mark Arm.  Mark notes that the introduction was awkward.)
33. Search And Destroy-(Pop, Williamson) with Mark Arm, Steve Turner and Kim Thayil
34. Sonic Reducer-(Bators, Blitz, Chrome, Magnum, Thomas, Zero) with Mark Arm, Steve Turner and Kim Thayil
35. Alive
36. Baba O’Riley-(Townshend)
(You should take a bow, thank you.  Thank you to the activists, big business and small.  It was just beyond, beyond.  Going into the elections let people know that the homeless issue is important to you.  We may be able to effect national change. There can be a plan, there will be a plan.  Just don’t give up. This is empowering.  This isn’t the time to give up, this is the time to rise up.  Thank you Seattle, thank you everyone)

37. Yellow Ledbetter

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