Setlists; Fenway Park 02 e 04/09

Pearl Jam
Fenway Park
Boston, MA
Show One
September 02, 2018
Set List

Walk On Music: Aye Davanita (from Vitalogy album)

Band Onstage: 7:56
Band Offstage: 10:36

01. Sometimes
02. Release
03. Low Light
(Ed wants to take a second to say something about Bono who recently lost his voice.  Ed notes that he is on the mend.  Ed wants to remind everyone how much important charity work that Bono does as well as working incredibly hard with U2.  He asks the crowd to show some love from an Irish city to one Irish man.)
04. Elderly Woman Behind the Counter In A Small Town
05. Why Go
06. Corduroy
Ed wants to toast the the people of Fenway Park that asked the band if they would like to come back and play.  Ed talks about the weather and gives a grammar lesson on ways the word ‘fuck’ can be used.  This segues into a talk about regulations being reduced on emissions.  “Use your vote as verb and say Fuck You”
07. Mind Your Manners
08. Down
(Ed talks about Dick, a guy who has worked many Pearl Jam shows as local security.  Ed didn’t see Dick when he showed and asked about him.  Dick had some health issues but is home recovering.  Dick’s wife sent a picture of Dick holding a sign that Ed had shown on the video screens.)
09. Given To Fly
(This is a request by a friend of ours.  This is for people who are soldiers, were soldiers.  He mentions John McCain.  We know his story but there are a lot of other stories.  With love and respect we play this one)
10. Army Reserve
11. Even Flow
(Introduces Matt Cameron.  This is for the brothers Steve and Joe (Calgano) and the Krasinski’s too.)
12. Amongst The Waves
13. Daughter / WMA (1 min tag)- /It’s OK-(Cole)  (2:25 cover)  (WMA lyric – “dirties his hand, pays them off, police man, president)
14. Got Some
15. Do The Evolution
16.  I Am A Patriot-(Van Zandt) [slow intro Ed solo. Band comes in on “I Was Walking…” ]
17. Lukin (changes chorus to “I’m going to Fenway..”)
18. Porch (Ed walks the stage wings wearing a Red Sox jersey.  He also walks along the top of the barricade)

Encore Break 1
(Ed checks in with people in various parts of the park.  Ed says it is a shame that the players never get to see this place with fans all on the field and jokingly suggests that if the Red Sox win they should trash the field.  Ed says he is joking because Sam Kennedy invited them to come and he notes that one person that regrets music shows is David Mellor the head  groundskeeper. Ed plays a Tom Petty song for John.  Ed pulls out his Red Telecaster that he got from Tom Petty.  Ed ask everyone to light some lights.  Ed breaks down a little at the end of the dedication)

19. I Won’t Back Down-(Lynne, Petty)
20. Just Breathe
21. Present Tense
22. Once
23. State Of Love And Trust
(Ed wants to talk to the fellas to play something they don’t normally play.  If we fuck it up it will be my fault.  It won’t be the first time.  My wife is here and she can attest to that)
24. Tremor Christ
25. Black (improv lyric “can you let us know your out there”)-Time Heals-Todd Rundgren :35 sec. Tag / Waiting On A Friend-(Jaggar/Richards) -30 second tag
(Ed talks about sharing a room with Jeff in the old days.  Putting sarongs on the lamps.  It was so romantic.  Listening to Aretha Franklin, Belly (other bands..)  Ed snuck into Fenway Park.  Ed gets around to saying we are very grateful to this city.  It is a great rock and roll city.  He introduces Bill Janovitz from Buffalo Tom to play one of Ed’s favorite songs)

26. Taillights Fade-(Buffalo Tom) with Bill Janovitz from Buffalo Tom.  Bill sings V1.  Ed sings Ch1 and V2.  Bill sings Ch2 and V3.  both guys sing outro chorus.
(After the song Ed introduces the band and asks his “old roomie Jeff what he is doing tomorrow?”

27. Blood / Atomic Dog-(Clinton, Shider, Spradley) 10 sec tag.
(Ed lists off all the choices of marijuana they had available to them.  They chose something called “Green Monster”.  I don’t have lyrics for this so I am gonna make it up like I did the first time.)
28. Out Of My Mind (b-side from “Not For You” single)
29. Alive
30. Rockin’ In The Free World-(Young)
(Mike goes to the barricade to melt some faces.  Ed lobs tambourines. There is supposed to be a hard curfew at 10:30 but the band plays past it.)




Pearl Jam
Fenway Park
Boston, MA
Show Two
September 04, 2018
Set List

Walk On Music: Aye Davanita (from Vitalogy album)

Band Onstage: 7:50
Band Offstage: 10:31

01. Given To Fly
02. Animal
03. Save You
04. Arms Aloft-(Bullen, Shields, Slattery, Stafford, Strummer) “arms aloft in Fenway Park”
05. Lightning Bolt
(Ed praises the audience.  He notes the signs people have that indicate how many shows they have been to from 1 to 192. He never thought of Boston as tropical but that has changed this weekend.)
06. Red Mosquito w/ Danny Clinch on harmonica
07. I Am Mine
08. U
09. Even Flow
(Ed praises Mike for playing so well while medicated for a sinus infection.  “Do this one a little different this time”)
10. Immortality II ( First two verse lyrics are changed. Last three lines changed. Possibly early version of lyrics from the Orpheum show in 1994.)
(Great joy and privilege.  Matt played with Soundgarden back in the day and opened for Buffalo Tom.  Then Pearl Jam got to open for them as well.  He wrote one of my favorite all time favorite songs.  Bill comes out and says he can’t describe how cool it is play here without saying  “wicked awesome”.
11. Taillights Fade-(Buffalo Tom) with Bill Janovitz from Buffalo Tom.  Bill sings V1.  Ed sings Ch1 and V2.  Bill sings Ch2 and V3.  both guys sing outro chorus.
12. Not For You / Modern Girl-(Sleater Kinney) :58 second tag (breakdown Ed starts a “Let’s go Red Sox” before the “All That’s Sacred”)
13. Nothingman
(Ed introduced the next guest Mark Guiliana.  He played drums on Matt’s “Cavedweller” album.
Ed says the next song’s title was originally “voting is your superpower”)
14. Can’t Deny Me w/Mark Guiliana
15. Jeremy (about 10 seconds of “Sweet Emotion” bass riff? Tom Hamilton is at the show)
16. Better Man Save It For Later-(Charley, Cox, Morton, Steele, Wakeling) 1:30 tag (Ed questions whether he could find a better crowd…Philly is pretty good.  New York is pretty good.  Sometimes though you can’t beat a Boston crowd.  Is tonight one of those nights?  What do you got?  He then leads the audience into the participation section.)
17. Porch (Ed at the barricade singing with audience)

Encore Break

(Ed lets the audience know they won’t be playing live for awhile.  The next time they play together will be in the studio. Tonight we are gonna play until Ortiz and Kevin Youkilis drag us offstage.  Turns out Kevin is here and comes onstage and swings Ed’s guitar like a bat.  Ed doesn’t want to talk all night because of the curfew but he talks about being with friends and crew.  He says we get a lot of letters and describes several of them.  Incredible stories and connections.  We all have to get through..We are going to play this for a person Matt met and for a friend of mine too.)

18. Thumbing My Way
19. Imagine-(Lennon)-Full Band (asks audience to hold up lights)
20. Crazy Mary-(Williams)
(Tells the audience that the winners of the Little League World Championship was the Hawaiian team.  Booms wife is involved in the league on the island.)
21. Comatose
22. Go
23. Rearviewmirror

Encore Break Two

24. Smile
25. Wasted Reprise (Ed says he will miss the Green Monster but hopes to come back in late October.  He thanks people involved with the Red Sox and Theo Epstein.  He mentions John Martin on the Red Sox video team who was stricken with ALS.  Ed mentions the charity helping Mr. Martin.
Ed continues to talk very emotionally.)
26. Life Wasted
Dirty Frank (instrumental only 30 seconds)  The band teases Dirty Frank and Ed does a groovy little dance but they don’t get much past a few bars.
27. Dirty Water-(The Standells) w/ Bill Janovitz & Danny Clinch
28. Alive
29. Baba O’Riley-(Townshend)
30. Yellow Ledbetter/Star Spangled Banne


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