Setlists; Berlin, Alemanha

Pearl Jam
Berlin, DE
July 05, 2018
Set List

Band Onstage: 7:57
Band Offstage: 10:31
Walk On Music: Metamorphosis #2-Phillip Glass


01. Wash
02. Sometimes
03. Corduroy
04. Why Go
05. Save You
06. Given To Fly
(Ed says it is very nice to be able to see the audience since they are playing in daylight.  He addresses them in German and asks the band when they have been here before.  Mike, Jeff and Stone had been here with Neil Young.  Ed introduces the band and special guest Danny Clinch. He says the next song is called “Blue Eyed Frog”.)
07. Red Mosquito w/ Danny Clinch on harmonica
08. In My Tree (Up here in my tree / Newspapers matter not to me Fuck Trump!)
(“I hear J. Mascis from the great Dinosaur Jr. is here tonight.  J. I am looking for you while it is still light out.  This is dedicated to J. Mascis”)
09. Even Flow
10. Wishlist (I wish I was as fortunate as Mike McCready)
11. Habit (“Speaking as a man who despises racism in any form” instead of the normal spoken part).
12. Angie-(Jagger / Richards) Partial cover about 1:20 seconds
13. Daughter / It’s OK-(Cole) – (cover lasts 4 min (I need all of you on this. I need all the girls, I need all the women.  I need all the people that love their girls and women.  Help me sing it)
14. Deep (During the “doesn’t like the view” section lays on his back with his head hanging upside down over the monitors.)
15. Mind Your Manners
16. Unthought Known
(Ed gives the audience in the pit 5 stars.  He says they are gonna play a slow song they can get romantic and he says they won’t play a Ramones song tonight but he wants people to check out the Ramones museum.  He continues talking about the Ramones and the audience starts to chant “Hey Ho-Let’s Go”.  Okay, I’m gonna play a quiet one.)
17. Lukin
18. Porch-(During instrumental part the audience are throwing around what I think are pieces of flat cardboard that look to hold six beers.  A few make it onto the stage.  Ed watches.  Jeff gets one and uses it to play his bass.  Ed climbs down to the barricade for the end of the song)

Encore Break 1
(Referring to all the beer caddy’s the audience was throwing around he says he knew the crowd was drinking but he didn’t realize how much they had been drinking.  He compares them to Seattle or Seattle to them.
He relates a story from a guy in Prague who was adamant that Ed reads his note.  The note says I went to the show with a neighbor I left with a wife.  This song is for you and neighbor. )
19. Thin Air
20. Thumbing My Way
(Dedicated to someone who is here tonight and they lived in Seattle for awhile.  His band never took off.  They had a hit in Belgium.  So if you are out there tonight Cliff Poncier, this one is for you.-Reference to a character in the Singles film that fronted a band portrayed by members of Pearl Jam.)
21. Breath
22. Do The Evolution
23. Black / Time Heals-(Rundgren) 20 second tag
24. Rearviewmirror

Encore Break 2
(Because of the curfew I want to introduce the next song quickly…my daughters went to the Berlin Wall and we want to dedicate this to Roger Waters and to thank him for educating us)
25. Comfortably Numb-(Gilmour, Waters)
26. Alive
27. Rockin’ In The Free World-(Young) w/ J. Mascis

(Ed thanks the audience and the crew.  He thanks the promoter who has worked with them for years.)

Setlists; Krakow, Polônia.

Pearl Jam
Tauron Arena
Kraków, PL
July 03, 2018
Set List

Band Onstage: 8:23
Band Offstage: 11:16
Walk On Music: Metamorphosis #2-Phillip Glass
Open'er Festival 2014
01. Of The Girl
02. Present Tense
03. Last Exit
04. Why Go
05. Do The Evolution
(Stone starts to play In Hiding but Ed stops him so he can talk to the audience and sip some wine.  Ed toast the audience and talks about the first time they played in Poland at Warsaw.  He lists the other cities they played and this being the first time in Kraków.  Ed notes that Kraków is considered the intellectual and cultural center of the country)
06. In Hiding
07. Other Side
(Ed has a spot light shine on two young women.  One has Green and the other has Disease written on their forehead.  Ed likes it because it looks like they are thinking it.  “This song was written when Donald Trump was just an asshole.  Now that he has an important job you would think he would try to be better but he just seems to be getting worse.  That’s okay because it is making us stronger…)
08. Green Disease
(You have a great saying here, jakoś to będzie.  I think I understand what it means and it is sort of what I was trying to say with this song)
09. I Am Mine
10. Even Flow
11. Garden
12. Severed Hand
13. Not For You / Modern Girl-(Sleater Kinney) 1 minute tag music and lyric (Ed starts off singing easy stuff for the crowd to sing back.  Things get more complex and silly until he is staccato whistling which the crowd tries to duplicate)

14. You Are
15. Given To Fly
(This is for all the people in robes)
16. Mind Your Manners
(The video screen shows the Strajk Kobiet logo (silhouette of woman’s head in profile with red lighting bolt laid over it) and Ed says I am singing for strong and powerful women)

17. Lightning Bolt  (Jill gets a shout out at the top of the instrumental outro)
18. Porch

Encore Break One
(You have managed to make what was a big empty room at four o’clock into the best beach with great waves.  We remember it being good but this is amazing.  Ed suggests that some people may have met or fallen in love listening to this song.  Or just fucked.  He members his young daughters are at the show and changes the description to holding hands and being respectful to your partner..)
19. Just Breathe (performed by Ed, Boom and Matt (bg vocals).  The Front Of House console temporarily fails so Ed shares some wine with the audience while they reboot.  Some in the crowd sing the Black sing along part.  Ed eventually checks the mic and sings the last line of the song.)
20.  All Or None
21.  Footsteps (Ed dedicates the song to a longtime fan-missed the name)
22. Once
23. Whipping
(“Some people say that maybe the people on stage or even the people in the audience shouldn’t show any support or wave a flag (holds up pride flag).  He talks about how things in the US are deteriorating and he talks about some alarming laws that are being passed in Poland currently that make it more difficult to protest. He speaks passionately about continuing to protest and not surrendering freedoms.  All said over Wasted Reprise)
24. Wasted Reprise
25. Better Man / Save It For Later-(Charley, Cox, Morton, Steele, Wakeling) 50 sec tag

Encore Break 2

26. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town (played to the audience behind the stage)
27. Comfortably Numb-(Gilmour, Waters)
28. Alive
29. Fuckin’ Up-(Young)
(Ed points out a few young people in the crowd.  One kid he thinks is very cool and when he is of age, Ed will buy him a drink.  Another young man with a Soundgarden shirt is brought up to meet the band)
30. Yellow Ledbetter  (Young guy in the Soundgarden shirt is handed one of Stone’s guitars and plays along with the band,)

Setlists; Prague, Czech Republic

Pearl Jam
O2 Arena
Prague, CZ
July 01, 2018
Set List


Band Onstage: 8:22
Band Offstage: 10:59
Walk On Music: Metamorphosis #2-Phillip Glass

01. Pendulum
02. Nothingman
03. Corduroy
04. Brain Of J.
05. Do The Evolution
06. Tremor Christ
(Ed laughs and says “okayyyyy….”  He then addresses the audience in Czech, more or less much to their pleasure and amusement.  He talks about last playing there six years ago and introduces the band)
07. Lightning Bolt
(Sometimes when this is happening.  Let’s say, not in the United States but when you have a really horrible  leader it makes you remember when you had a great one.  I would like to send this song out to the memory and honor of one of the great humans, great figures of the 20th century and he was a great fan of the Velvet Underground.  Mr. Václav Havel)
08. Dissident  (escape is never the safest plan but we’ll accept you anyway)
09. Even Flow
10. Jeremy
11. Love Boat Captain [improv intro- No I won’t be quiet. No I won’t mind my manners and your devices and your evil plans. I will use my voice and everything I’ve got.  We all deserve to ????]
12. Help-(Lennon, McCartney) [Only has Eddie vocals and guitar.  Plays first verse and chorus.  1:15 sec]
13. Help Help
14. State Of Love And Trust
15. Spin The Black Circle
16. Better Man / I’m Waiting For The Man-(Reed) 17 second tag / Save It For Later-(Charley, Cox, Morton, Steele, Wakeling)-1 minute tag)

17. Porch

Encore Break 1
(Wow, this is incredible energy you are giving us tonight.  Thank you so much.  Ed goes on to thank all the travelers by spotting the flags.  Things like, “Denmark, Mexico, First Aid…Just kidding.”  Some Czech.  He wants to mention Rob.  Ed talks about a time in Prague where the trucks were late because of the snow and the usual 9 hour set up got completed in about two and half hours.  It was a coming together and Rob had been there for that show and the ones before and after.  He says there are a lot of great requests.  He makes a joke about only knowing the “or” of All Or None but his family met some very nice locals they they requested this song)

18. Man Of The Hour
19. The End (Eddie only vocals and acoustic guitar)
20. Given To Fly (“made it to the clock / had a smoke..) (Ed climbs on the baffles behind his amp and the drum riser to sing to the back)
21. Unthought Known
22. Black

23. Rearviewmirror (Ed and Jeff rock it out as crouched over as they can get. Ed kicks over vocal mic at end)

Encore Break 2
24. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town (played to those behind the stage)
25. Alive
26. Rockin’ In The Free World-(Young)
27. Indifference (Ed puts on a Luchador mask that got thrown onstage.  He takes it off to sing.)

(Introduces the band after the song.  Thanks the audience for their energy and thanks the crew)

Análise: Of The Girl

Imagine a seguinte situação;
Um quarto com luz fúnebre, avermelhada. Um gole da segunda garrafa de vinho, uma memória reprimida que não consegue esquecer. Junte isso ao fundo musical de Of The Girl e temos uma peça/retrato daquilo que essa música me representa.
Talvez você troque os cenários, pode ser em um carro em movimento, a mesa de um bar noturno, mas o ”desenho” principal da história, em todos os cenários possíveis que eu imaginei é o mesmo. Alguém reprimido por lembranças que não consegue esquecer, cuspindo confissões e indecisões em uma atmosfera que não o deixa sair daquele momento.

Of The Girl é a oitava música do extraordinário Binaural de 2000. Ela é uma música de Stone Gossard, o arquiteto capaz de criar os mais diferentes sentimentos através de sua guitarra. Toda a banda entendeu bem a proposta de Stone e, ao seu modo, conseguiu ”enebriar” a música de sentimentos que formam uma atmosfera daquelas que só o Pearl Jam consegue. A guitarra de Mike McCready, inspiradíssima como sempre, consegue complementar o Riff de Stone e nos dizer muito mais do que a letra cantada por Vedder.
Nessa música você consegue perceber a diferença de uma captação normal de estúdio, e da captação Binaural, usada pela banda em algumas músicas desse disco. A gravação de um áudio binaural consiste na tentativa de simular a captação de sons pelo ouvido humano. Por isso, são necessários dois microfones, posicionados a cerca de 18 centímetros de distância um do outro. Esse método cria uma dificuldade imensa em se fazer ajustes dentro do estúdio, o que faz com que cada música que utiliza desse método de gravação tenha que ser tocada com extrema precisão, já que fica muito difícil de ”maquiar” ela depois.
Criada toda a atmosfera cheia de angústia, então começamos a perceber nas letras e na forma do Eddie cantar, uma total confidência com a atmosfera… vou explicar melhor; O personagem parece alguém conformado em se manter preso nas lembranças de uma garota, não faz nenhuma menção em encontrá-la. Não há futuro. Ele apenas se prende ao passado e à um padrão criado pelo cenário, e com isso ele se conforma. Eddie canta as letras de Of The Girl em um tom mais baixo, mesmo nas versões ao vivo, e só sobe um pouquinho esse tom no refrão, onde ele reafirma todo o seu conformismo. “How he makes his getaway” (como ele constrói sua fuga), ele constrói essa fuga apenas com as memórias dessa garota. Por isso o título, “Of The Girl”.
Os sentimentos expostos são, acima de tudo, amor e medo. A miscelânea feita pelo envolto na música nos faz pensar que o medo é maior do que o amor. O medo prende nosso personagem nessa rotina de se lembrar de alguém, e o torna incapaz de seguir em frente ou ir atrás dessa garota. Ele apenas mantém as memórias dela e faz isso consciente e conformado com o que viveu totalmente preso ao passado.
Of The Girl é uma música única dentro do Binaural.
Muitas músicas falam sobre protesto, amor, fazem declarações e afirmações contundentes.
Of The Girl vem apenas para ser uma música solitária, assim como sua atmosfera e significado demonstram ao longo de seus cinco minutos.

Tradução Of The Girl;

Texto; Cristiano Feix

Setlists: Pearl Jam em Roma


Pearl Jam
Stadio Olimpico
Rome, It
June 26, 2018
Set List

Band Onstage: 9:18
Band Offstage: 12:26
Walk On Music: Metamorphosis #2-Phillip Glass

01. Release
02. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
(Chats with audience in Italian.  Something about the Rome concert being very important to him and it being 22 years since they played here (I think).
03. Interstellar Overdrive-(Barrett, Mason, Waters, Wright)
04. Corduroy
05. Why Go (says “why go to Rome” in first chorus)
06. Do The Evolution
(More Italian. Introduces Jeff as the writer of the next song)
07. Pilate
08. Given To Fly
09. Even Flow
(Mr. Mike McCready.  We’re a much better group than we were 22 years ago.  Because back then we didn’t have Matt Fucking Cameron. Sings “We love Matt Cameron, Yes we do” a few times. And for the first time in Rome Mr. Boom Gaspar)
10. Waste Reprise
11. Wishlist
12. Lighting Bolt
(We’d like to celebrate some woman tonight.  The first is a great great woman and great song writer…a great friend of Mike’s and now a friend of the band, Brandi Carlile.  It is called Not Today, no, Again Today.  Not Again Today!)
13. Again Today-(Carlile)
14. Untitled (while playing the guitar Ed notes that the echo in the stadium makes it sound like there is another band playing “over there”.  He says “Hello Ed,” and listens to the echo.  He tells a story behind this song)
15. MFC
16. Immortality
17. Unthought Known
(We’d like to dedicate this one to a mountain.  Mt. Etna.  Mike McCready on guitar)
18. Eruption-(Van Halen)
19. Can’t Deny Me
(Ed busts out his Italian again and when he stumbles he manages to swear pretty well. He introduces Stone to sing the next song)
20. Mankind (Stone vocals)
21. Animal
22. Lukin

23. Porch (During the instrumental section Ed swings his guitar like a baseball bat. He also reflects light off the pick guard into the audience.  Jeff swings a globe.  EV runs to the SL wing of the stage and eventually goes to the barricade to sing)

Encore Break 1

Ed chats with crowd. He talks about being here many years ago and thanks the audience.

24. Sleeping By Myself
(Ed talks about how he learned something incredible in Padova. He learned three hundred and forty years ago, as of yesterday, the very first woman to graduate from university was Elena Lucrezia Cornaro Piscopia. Must have been such an incredible woman. That must have been like walking on the moon.  Woman have been smarter than me for three hundred and forty years)
25. Just Breathe
(Speaks in Italian. He speaks in English for a bit to talk about how radically the US has changed for the worse and that when he gets back it won’t be same as when we left it.  It seems he might be encouraging people to get involved in government and to vote.)
26. Imagine-(Lennon) (Imagine no possessions, I wonder if he can. No need for walls or hunger..) (A sign shows on video screen for a group that is trying to help refugees and immigrants in Italy.  Missed name.  Slogan was “saving is not a crime.” )
27. Daughter / WMA  (one minute tag [sings Hey Joe, Hey Joe, Rizzo, Rizzo [tribute to baseball player Joe Rizzo]. Improv lyric- life is best above the Spanish steps it means so much to feel at home walking the streets of Rome)
28. State Of Love And Trust
(We have something special for you tonight.  I am so excited.  It is not the first time but it might only be the second but it is a rare occurrence.  We have Matt Cameron taking over on the vocals and Mike McCready)
29. Black Diamond-(Stanley) Kiss cover with Matt Cameron lead vocals.  Mike sang intro verse
30. Jeremy
31. Better Man / I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend (40 second tag) /Save It For Later-(Charley, Cox, Morton, Steele, Wakeling) (1 minute tag)
Encore Break 2
(In Italian Ed intros song)
32. Comfortably Numb-(Gilmour, Waters)
33. Black (home is where the heart is home is where the …home is where I feel at home)
34. Rearviewmirror
35. Alive (Ed’s guitar tech comes out and films Ed as he waves a Rizzo jersey during the chorus before the solo)
36. Rockin’ In The Free World-(Young)  (Ed gets a pride flag that says Fuck Trump / Love Life and wears it for a bit. Audience sings Olé Pearl Jam while the band waves from the stage

Setlists: Pearl Jam em Milão e Padova


Milão – I-Days Festival 22/6/2018

Band Onstage: 09:19
Band Offstage: 11:15
Walk On Music: Metamorphosis #2-Phillip Glass

(Speaking in Italian Ed talks about first playing Milan in 1992 and it was also the first time they had played Italy.)
01. Release (sings the first verse in Italian)
02. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
03. Do the Evolution
04. Given To Fly
05. Wishlist
(Addresses audience in Italian.)
06. Even Flow
07. Corduroy
08. Immortality
09. Eruption-(Van Halen)
10. You Are
11.  Daughter / Another Brick In The Wall-Waters (40 second tag)
12.  Mankind (Stone lead vocals)
13.  I Got Id (Ed stops the song during the break down because he sees an ambulance driving by at the back of the crowd. He asks a couple of times if everything is alright. He gets a response that allows him to continue. After the song he checks with PJ security to confirm.)
(Ed thanks the Stereophonics.  He also wants to talk to the audience but warns them that his Italian is not good.  Essentially he is talking about the anniversary of meeting his wife Jill here in Milan.  Jill is brought on stage and they drink some champagne. Jill is wearing a jacket that has the message “Yes We Care Y Don’t U?  A reference to the jacket Melania wore when she left for Texas to check on immigrant children who had been separated from their families.  A policy implemented by her husband.)

14. Porch (Ed reflects light off his pick guard into the audience. He also goes to the barricade and pours wine for people.)
15. Footsteps

16. Black (Ed talks about how they sometimes get letters or talk to people who talk about how much their music has meant to them in their life. Ed says Italy has been very important in their life and he thanks the audience and the country.)
16. Alive (While Mike is soloing behind his head he goes down the stairs to the barricade and runs around.  Ed dances with his youngest daughter.)
18. Rockin’ In The Free World-(Young) (Ed climbs a bit of scaffolding, getting about 10 feet off the ground.  He climbs down to end the song.)
19. Yellow Ledbetter (with improved intro)


Padova – 24/6/2018

Band Onstage: 9:04
Band Offstage: 11:47
Walk On Music: Metamorphosis #2-Phillip Glass

(Before the band comes on the audience sing a sustained “oh”)
01. Pendulum

02. Low Light
(Ed addresses the audience in Italian. Something about playing Italy for the twentieth time and wishing good evening to Padova)

03. Last Exit
04. Do The Evolution (During the sing along break Ed walks out on the wings of the stage.)
05. Animal (More walking the wings while singing. Asks Kille to “Let me see them”)
(Addresses audience in Italian)
06.  Padova (Sings improvised lyrics (?) that were essentially singing “Pavoda” and lines like being safe under her skies and being back home.)
07. Corduroy (The audience sings along a lot and claps. During instrumental break Ed again asks Kille to light up the audience.)
08. Given To Fly
(EV asks for lights up to check on the audience including those in the back.  He introduces Matt and then says, “The guy who wrote the next song just put out an excellent album and video. That’s Jeff Ament on the bass but he can play it all. This song is religion and chance.)
09. God’s Dice
10. Not For You / Modern Girl-(Sleater-Kinney) (tag is 45 seconds long and repeats chorus lyrics)
11. Even Flow (During solo Mike is pretty excited.  He even whacks his vintage strat against his vocal mic)
(Addresses the audience in Italian)
12. Daughter ( Improvised additional lyrics – “Donald Trump we are not going to take this /  Dividing our country and making us racist / Donald Trump you are headed to the end I will be there my friend  /  The educated will take you down / The truth is gonna take you down the truth is gonna find you out”)

The next song is also about the devil when he comes to get you.  Only this one isn’t orange.  It is red.
13. Red Mosquito
(Ed thanks the audience and tells them they are continually surprised by the support of the Italians.  He tells them that the band has been working on some great new material and they know they will be back soon to play it. He spots a giant poster with the head of former baseball player Sean Casey.  He doesn’t know why it is there, but notes that the enormous head is actual size.  He leads the audience in a chant to send to Sean so his head will get even bigger.
On a more serious note Ed talks about positivity and determination allowing people to be a survivor. For Bill )
14. Mind Your Manners
(After this song Ed corrects himself and says “Okay Bill, THIS one is for you.  This one, this one.)
15. Down
(Dedicated to Jack White)
16. Spin The Black Circle
17. Porch

Encore Break

Greets the audience.  Lets them know that he knows that this town is a little more well educated and he is glad that the well educated like their music (reference to Padova being important to education for centuries).  He lists some towns nearby and says this is for all of you.

18. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
19. Inside Job
20. Once
21. Better Man /Save It For Later-(Charley, Cox, Morton, Steele, Wakeling) (verse and chorus and outro jam 2 min tag)
22. Black (improvised lyrics-you have the power to turn this world / you can turn this world around / you can change the worlds revolution/ Time Heals-(Todd Rundgren) 23 second tag.  not really vocal melody but has lyrics / You’re The Best Thing About Me-(U2) (40 second tag. vocal melody very close)
23. Crazy Mary-(Williams) (Boom quotes melody to “Paint It Black” by Jagger/Richards for a couple of phrases.  Less than 10 seconds)
24. Rearviewmirror

Encore Break 2
(Ed introduces the band and instrument switch.  He also wants to introduce his friend Daryl (sp) who is going to be living in Padova. He also talks about Daria and Luca that gave him a book they wrote when he was in Taormina called “Pearl Jam-Evolution”.  Ed is sure the book is good but it is in Italian.  He holds up a photo of their new daughter Eleonora and dedicates the next song to them)
25. Smile
(Ed tells a very amusing anecdote about being trapped on a small island while visiting a friend and missing the last boat back to his hotel. There was much searching for hotels, drinking, mentions of drugs and angry wives.  He tells the story because he doesn’t want to happen again and he is happy to be alive.)
26. Alive
27. Baba O’Riley-(Townshend)

28. Indifference

Pearl Jam Cancela Show em Londres

O Pearl Jam anunciou agora pouco o cancelamento do segundo show que a banda faria em Londres. O Motivo? A saúde do Eddie.

Ele está completamente sem voz e, de acordo, com comentários, está com uma forte gripe.

A nota ainda fala que a turnê será mantida e a banda volta aos palcos no dia 22, em Milão.