Setlists; Away Show – Missoula 13/08/2018

Pearl Jam
Washington-Grizzly Stadium
Missoula, MT
Away Show #1
Aug 13, 2018
Set List

Sem título

Walk On Music: Aye Davanita (from Vitalogy album)

Band Onstage:8:43
Band Offstage: 11:29

(Ed comes out wearing an Evel Knievel white leather jacket. He takes it off pretty quickly)
01. Pendulum
02. Low Light
03. Go
04. Do The Evolution
05. Arms Aloft-(Bullen, Shields, Slattery, Stafford, Strummer)
06. Mind Your Manners

(All right, well music brings people together and we are glad that everyone came out for a very important reason.  Jeff thank you for organizing this and inviting us.  It is nice to be back.  The crowd is chanting Jeff.  Ed says that is a reason to drink.  He and Jeff both take swigs from Ed’s wine.  Ed talks briefly about how beautiful it is here.  Ed says, I know Paul McCartney played here because I was sitting there.  Inspires Ed to play about 10 seconds of “Blackbird” by The Beatles.  He said The Rolling Stones played here.  Mike plays about ten seconds of “Jumping Jack Flash”.  Ed suggests they all play a different Stones song.  He counts it off and chaos ensues..  EV says we may be the first band to play here twice.  He isn’t bragging because a person who brags about crowd size isn’t really a good guy.  Without naming it is obvious who is talking about since he mentions the person bragging about breaking Elton John records.  The only thing Ed would brag about is if they get the largest young voter turn out.  “That I would brag about all day”

07. Corduroy
08.  Pilate
09. Even Flow (Ed starts to sing the outro chorus but stops to go the edge of the stage and to encourage the audience to sing.)

(How about a little history?  We are on a campus.  21 years ago today was the first real show we played.  We had played clubs and stuff but the first real show we played with Matt Cameron was right here on this stage.  Thanks so much Matt.  You got a beat you could play for that?)

10. In My Tree (instead of ‘newspapers’ Ed says ‘textbooks don’t matter much to me’  for the second line)
11. Down

(Ed asks for the house lights to come up.  He sees a young girl in the audience.  He says it looks like she has perfect time and I am getting so much energy from you young lady.  It is so great to know that the world is going to be in your hands some day.  He asks the audience to pass a tambourine back to her. The tambourine does make it back to the girl despite some minor skepticism.)

12. Lightning Bolt
13. Not For You /Modern Girl-(Sleater Kinney) 1:10 tag
14. Daughter/It’s OK-(Cole)-full song
15. Setting Forth
(That was for the big sky this one is for Big Sandy [Jeff’s hometown])
16. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
(I want to say before the next song that election day should be a national holiday.  He lists some problems with not being a holiday and things that a holiday would help.
He points out a couple in the front row wearing matching t shirts that say I (heart) Sex & Beer.
I am glad you found each other.  He gets them some beers.  “Now, I am gonna give these to you and I want to watch you enjoy them.  But that is all I want to see.  They drink the beer pretty quickly and Ed ask, “Now you don’t do the other thing that quickly.”  He goes back to voting and says the best thing is on that day we are all equal.  It is right and responsibilities.  He says we need to vote in big numbers because there are complications like big money, corruption and Russians.  Voting is the Antidote.  It is your vote they can’t deny)
17. Can’t Deny Me
18. Porch (Mike kneels in front of his amp and works feedback from it like a theremin, moving the guitar in and out.  Ed goes the barricade for the “Heys.”  People are grabbing him too hard.)

Encore Break One
(Ed and Jeff spot some trouble in the audience.  Ed says it looks like the people over there are voting this guy out and we agree.
After the incident is resolved Ed wants to talk about Jeff because unlike some people Jeff isn’t one to brag.  Ed lists some of the things that Jeff has done for charity.  He also introduces Jeff’s aunt and uncle and his parents.  Ed says this next song is one of many collaborations.  Or is it collusion?  Are we colluding?  Jeff says “guilty”.)

19. Bee Girl
(This is a quiet one for the serious collector)
20. Fatal
(Ed wants to thank a bunch of people but he has Jeff start.  Jeff thanks the band, crew and management and everyone involved with their activism.  There are four groups we have been working with, Ford Montana Group, Planned Parenthood of Montana, He continues to list people to thank.
Ed asks the audience to show their appreciation for all the hard work the individuals have put in he asks them to turn on their phone lights.  We talked about Paul McCartney’s music in here I thought we should have some of John’s as well)

21. Imagine-(Lennon) “no hell below us, above us Big Sky”
22. Given To Fly

23. Throw Your Hatred Down-(Young)
24. Better Man /With Or Without You-(U2) :10 seconds / I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend-(Ramones) : 20 seconds,  / Save It For Later-(Charley, Cox, Morton, Steele, Wakeling) 1:00  (Ed finishes the song lying on his back and playing guitar)
25. Jeremy
(I need to make a public service announcement and there are probably signs.  If you text “ROCK” to 52886 you will be asked to commit to being a voter in November.  It is the people you vote for that will be your voice in DC.  It is overwhelming.  There is a lot going on.  Make sure to use your voice.  It is so important for your community, state, country and planet.  You are in the top five states where the election can be decided by the youth vote.  We would never tell you who to vote for.  In this case we don’t have to  The choice is obvious)

26. Know Your Rights-(Strummer, Jones)
27. Alive

28. Rockin’ In The Free World-(Young)
29. Indifference (Ed has the Evel jacket on again)

Ed thanks Evel Knievel, the band and John Tester for being someone we can believe in and trust

Setlists; Home Show #2- Seattle 10/08/2018

Pearl Jam
Safeco Field
Seattle, WA
Home Show #2
Aug 10, 2018
Set List

Sem título

Walk On Music: Aye Davanita (from Vitalogy album)

Band Onstage: 8:33
Band Offstage: 11:59

Mike has two big handwritten signs that say “Save The Showbox” on his guitar rig
01. Oceans
02. Footsteps
03. Nothingman
04. Why Go
05. Brain Of J.
06. Interstellar Overdrive-(Barrett, Mason, Waters, Wright) :35 seconds
07. Corduroy
(Ed greets the audience and asks if they mind if he drinks tonight?  “Damn if this concert thing isn’t a great demonstration of our right to assemble.”  Ed thanks the Mariners for letting them use the field. The shows are centerpiece of a much larger project.  Ed said he realized they were nervous because they have never played a show that raised eleven million dollars to help the homeless.  This song goes to some old Seattle residents that might still be hiding..)
08.  Rats
09. In Hiding
10. Whipping
(Ed says he has a prediction to make, he hesitates and says he doesn’t want to talk politics. He decides to predict that country will be in worse shape if people don’t get out and vote in the mid term elections.  He also predicts that Mike will play a crazy solo because he is mad at the Showbox being threatened with being torn down.  Ed says he has seen a huge number of amazing shows there.  “This next song is called ‘Condos, do we really need more fucking condos?’”)
11. Even Flow (Mike climbs down off the stage and goes to the barricade all while soloing with the guitar behind his head. After the solo Ed starts a chant where he says “Save the …’” the audience replies “Showbox.” )
12. Missing-(C. Cornell)-song was originally part of the Poncier tape that Chris made for the film ‘Singles’.
13. Daughter / WMA / It’s Ok-(Cole) (Ed shouts “for Fred and Toody” of Dead Moon towards the end
14. Immortality
(Introduces one of the greatest friends, father, husband, drummer Mr Matt Cameron.  Ed talks about living in the rehearsal space in the early days and finding out that he was going to have his picture in Rolling Stone magazine. He talks about going to find the magazine, Madonna was on the cover and Ed digresses with a short bit about Madonna spanking him.  The picture was there and it was Temple Of The Dog. There it was.  He showed the magazine to the proprietor of the shop.  He told the owner that it was him in the photo.  The owner though it was neat and asked if it was a bike magazine.  Ed learned perspective. “But this is a cover that really means something,” referring to Stone on the cover of Real Change)
15. I’m Open
16. Unthought Known
(We’d like to play this for all the people we’ve met at the last two women’s rallies and the people my wife met at (gun control).  Talks about the administrations lack of empathy.  Here’s to the people that march and we must keep marching.)
17. Can’t Deny Me
18. Do The Evolution
19. Lukin
20. Porch

Encore Break 1

“Good evening again”  Ed checks on the audience.  We are asking favors.  Ed asks about a sound coming from behind him.  He asks if can be turned off.  Turns out it is a train going by.
We are asking for favors from our friends.  “the last time I saw Tom Petty was right here last summer.”  It would mean a lot to me, because if he is out there, metaphysically, I just really want to get his attention.  Tom I miss you.  So you could you sing along and hold your devices with the lights.  Let’s light up the sky.  The audience complies generously. Lots of lights.)

21. I Won’t Back Down-(Lynne, Petty) Crowd sings along on the chorus.  “I love you Tom”
22. Thin Air
(Ed chats about Mariners for a second)
23. All Or None
24. Better Man /Save It For Later-(Charley, Cox, Morton, Steele, Wakeling) (contains part of verse not just “Don’t let me down / Runaway” )
25. Crown Of Thorns-(Mother Love Bone, A. Wood)
(We would like to bring out a friend of ours.  He is good friends with Randy Johnson.  He is good friends and band mates with Matt Cameron. Soundgarden Total Fucking Godhead is an understatement (Matt is wearing a shirt that says that)  Kim comes out and reveals that he is wearing the same stylized Chris Cornell shirt that Matt had been wearing on tour.)
26. Kick Out The Jams-(Davis, Kramer, Smith, Thompson, Tyner) with Kim Thayil  (Ed and Mike both kneel and bow at Kim at the end of the song)
(We dedicate this one to Sub Pop records number 30, see you on the beach tomorrow)
27. Spin The Black Circle
28. Rearviewmirror (false start) / Fernando-(ABBA)-30 seconds
(After the first lyric Ed stops playing.  Something sounds wrong to him. He knows he has played the song a lot but it didn’t seem right. His solution is to guzzle some wine.  He says that the song just sounded like..and starts singing Fernando by ABBA a cappella until Matt gives him a beat. He sings about 25 seconds of the song and says, “It didn’t sound like that?”
Well, playing in front of 40,000 of your friends can be a trip. I was tripping..”  They restart the song)
29. Rearviewmirror

Encore Break 2
(Ed was driving by the stadium a few days before the show and saw so many tents.  He thought it was ironic that there was such a big homeless camp. Someone pointed out that those tents were people camping out to get front row in the pit.  Ed thinks spending two days waiting for a show is too long.
Ed brings out his friend and tech Simon Good.  He also introduces Boom Gasper)

30. Crazy Mary-(Williams) / Paint It Black-(Jagger, Richards) :30 riff during solo
31. Jeremy
Between songs a train rumbles by and blows its whistle.  “There’s that train again.  Do we got something louder than that train?”  Matt counts off the next song.
32. Leash
(Ed asks Kim Thayil to come out again and he asks another guitar player out.  Mr. Steve Turner.  And one of the great, great singers of Seattle so good even Ed’s brother likes him more than Ed as a singer.,. Mr. Mark Arm.  Mark notes that the introduction was awkward.)
33. Search And Destroy-(Pop, Williamson) with Mark Arm, Steve Turner and Kim Thayil
34. Sonic Reducer-(Bators, Blitz, Chrome, Magnum, Thomas, Zero) with Mark Arm, Steve Turner and Kim Thayil
35. Alive
36. Baba O’Riley-(Townshend)
(You should take a bow, thank you.  Thank you to the activists, big business and small.  It was just beyond, beyond.  Going into the elections let people know that the homeless issue is important to you.  We may be able to effect national change. There can be a plan, there will be a plan.  Just don’t give up. This is empowering.  This isn’t the time to give up, this is the time to rise up.  Thank you Seattle, thank you everyone)

37. Yellow Ledbetter

Setlists; Home Show #1- Seattle 08/08/2018

Pearl Jam
Safeco Field
Seattle, WA
Home Show #1
Aug 08, 2018
Set List.

Sem título

Walk On Music: Aye Davanita (from Vitalogy album)

Band Onstage: 8:31
Band Offstage: 11:40

01. Long Road
02. Release
03. Low Light
04. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
05. Corduroy
(Ed greets audience and welcomes people from all the different places and is happy to have them here.  If the question is why go home, the answer is – it is such a beautiful place.  He talks generally about the issues that they are addressing.  Comments that when they first played in Seattle not too far from where we are now it only took about 30 minutes and there was less to talk about.)
06. Go
07. Do The Evolution
(“How is everybody on top? (referring to upper level)  You know some people like being on top.  You know it is a place like this that makes you not miss the Kingdome.  Ed mentions that the Kingdome didn’t sound very good.  Ed says this song is for Drew from Uncle Neil. Drew was a person they met doing bridge school)
08. Throw Your Hatred Down-(Young)
09. Mind Your Manners
(I’m thinking about being out here in center field.  My favorite player is Ichiro.  There was a guy number 44, Mike Cameron.  The other Seattle Mariner that made magic in this space and the Kingdome and he likes our band okay.  I am talking about Randy Johnson, The Big Unit.  His favorite band of all time is Soundgarden. Mike plays short Soundgarden riff. Randy would be excited to know that it isn’t Mike Cameron but Matt Cameron in center field at the drum kit
10. Lighting Bolt
(“I want to introduce a guy who grew up in Laurelhurst.  He was stuck in his room with his guitar and Stevie Ray Vaughn records.  Which is why the first song he wrote was called Laurelhurst Blues.” The band plays a short blues vamp. “But then he grew up and wrote this..”)
11. Given To Fly
(On this next one we have Captiol Hills very own Mr. Stone Gossard.  Stone was part of a gang called Newton Street Boys.  Was it a gang or chess club?  It was a bad ass chess club.  Ed notes Stone worked at a bakery, Matt worked at a Kinko’s, Mike worked at a pizza place. So Stone was a baker and by the time we met he had more dough than any of us…  Ed makes a comment about his joke wasn’t that bad “Have you heard the president talk?”  Ed ends by saying Stone bought some guitars for which Ed is grateful, “You completely changed my life.”)
12. All Those Yesterdays
(Ed relates a story he says he has never told before. He talks about hanging around the warehouse rehearsing in the very early days and meeting a homeless vet he met named Eddie.  Ed would buy him the same sandwich that he bought for himself.  He goes on to talk about coming home from a European tour and the man wasn’t there.  Ed found out the man was living under the Viaduct which was a relief.  “I thought I had lost him.”  Not much later the homeless vet died.  He never knew that he was part of the next song.  Ed talks a bit about the homeless and how Eddie either didn’t get or wouldn’t take help.)
13. Even Flow
14. Help-(Lennon, McCartney) (Ed solo on electric guitar) single verse and chorus not complete song
15. Help, Help
16. Black
(Ed spots a sign in the audience that he likes.  It reads, “I had to get a divorce to see Pear Jam” on one side and “Now I have A Better Man” on the other side.  Ed says the next guy is from Big Sandy which is not his mom’s nickname.  It is a small town in Montana.  He came here in the early 80’s and he saw The Who and The Clash.  He had a job making coffee.  He met a guy there named Andy Wood and that was a life changer.  I was gonna play this one for the big sky of Montana.)
17.  Setting Forth
18.  I Am A Patriot-(Van Zandt) [fast version] (Ed takes a long thoughtful pause after bridge before going back into the chorus)
19.  Porch (EV goes to the barricade for the end)

Encore Break One

(“We didn’t come all this way to fuck around too much.  We were just talking about which songs to play.  I feel like a waiter with too many tables, I want to make sure everyone is getting taken care of.”  He checks on various sections.  He spots some young kids in the audience having fun which is a good sign.  It means it is safe.  He hears one kid has been to four shows, “You know at five you get to play with band.”  He notes that the band has about 10 kids between them, “Matt has nine…”  Ed is grateful for the notoriety of playing music but he says it is the audience that allows them to play.  Not only does the audience support them and keep the families happy but it gives us a reason to get together and play and love each other.  As parents we know there are some people that deserve more notice than they receive.  There are teachers that have changed our lives.  He tells a story about Kurt Vonnegut at a lecture asking the audience to raise their hand if they had one special teacher that changed their lives.  Almost everyone did.  Eddie does the same thing with the audience.  His kids have brought their favorite teacher here and Ed wants to play a song for them.)
20. We Are Gonna Be Friends-(Jack White)-during the song Ed’s daughters bring their favorite teachers out on stage.  At the end Ed introduces the teachers. Rene Smith and Marsha Lovely (?)
21. Nothing As It Seems
(Speaks briefly about writing about what you know and experiences)
22.  Let Me Sleep
23.  Breath (During song Ed goes to edge of stage and PA and hands a pick to security to give to a kid who is at the barricade)

(Ed praises the audience with “Good singing” and introduces another good singer, Brandi Carlisle..  Ed asks Brandi how long it took her to write the song.  She replies, “Oh, about a year.”  Ed says, “Wow, now I don’t feel so bad…well it was worth every minute.” Ed talks about covering the song for a benefit album and Brandi said playing with them is a dream come true.
24. Again Today-(Carlile) with Brandi Carlile
25. State Of Love And Trust
26. Rearviewmirror

Encore Break 2
(There is someone we haven’t introduced yet.  He grew up in a small town.  He is a big man with big hands.  He has been with the band for 18 years and he is still the new guy.  And there is a young man from San Diego who moved here in his early twenties.  Now I have lived here over half my life.  Ed goes on to talk about working with various organizations and have managed to raise over 11 million dollars to work on eradicating homelessness.  Once you get going on something you want to do more of it.  So I am gonna ask you to do something you were already gonna do.  Which is vote. Get out there and vote.  There are good people out there.  Get active.  We can do this.)

27. Wasted Reprise
28. Better Man /Save It For Later-(Charley, Cox, Morton, Steele, Wakeling) (essentially just sings “Don’t runaway” before going into the outro)
29. Comfortably Numb-(Gilmour, Waters)
30. Alive
31. I’ve Got A Feeling-(Lennon, McCartney)
(“Thank You Seattle, thank you very much, all the flags…Happy Birthday Simon” [Ed’s tech Simon]
32. Rockin’ In The Free World-(Young)
(Thanks so much to everyone in the building.  Thanks to small businesses and the big businesses.  It just takes some effort and coming together so let’s continue it.)
33. Yellow Ledbetter / Little Wing-(Hendrix) tag only 30 seconds

Os “home shows” estão chegando!

Amanhã dia 08/08 e Sexta dia 10/08 teremos os tão aguardados “Home Shows” do Pearl Jam em Seattle.

Os shows terão sua renda revertida para campanhas direcionadas à moradores de rua de Seattle. O site do Pearl Jam (link) tem toda uma página dedicada à esses dois shows, com inúmeras matérias, vídeos e todo o ativismo envolto aos concertos. A população sem teto de Seattle cresceu 40% nos últimos 28 anos (idade do Pearl Jam), e a banda se sentiu na obrigação de contribuir para que os mesmos tenham um lugar adequado para morar, ou mesmo dar suporte para lugares que já existem.

Os shows terão merchandising especial, confira abaixo alguns suvenires exclusivos desses shows;

Para quem estiver interessado, você pode doar para essa campanha que vai além dos shows com renda revertida. No link abaixo você consegue fazer uma doação para a campanha.;

Os dois shows tiveram seus ingressos esgotados em minutos, e ambos tem tudo para serem dois dos melhores shows dos últimos anos.


Setlists; Londres, UK

Pearl Jam
O2 Arena
London, UK
Show Two
July 17, 2018
Set List

Band Onstage: 8:24
Band Offstage: 11:21
Walk On Music: Metamorphosis #2-Phillip Glass

01. Oceans
02. Nothing As It Seems

(“Here we go…”)
03. Go
04. Corduroy
05. Save You
06. Do The Evolution

(Asks for lights to come up so he can see everybody.  Points to sections of the audience and drinks to them.  He singles out a guy with a beard and a tank top.  Ed asks the crowd to be careful because there is no middle barricade.
This has been weighing on my mind for the last three weeks.  I just want to offer my deepest apology to all of you, and thank you guys, the band and crew.  The energy you gave me helped with the recovery.  I look forward to paying it back all night so in the immortal words of Marvin Gaye, “Let’s Get It On”.)

07. Given To Fly
08. In Hiding
09. I Am Mine
10. Green Disease
(Ed notes that they are taking some requests tonight.  The long time monitor tech is giving Ed a fresh vocal mic when Ed decides to introduce the normally reserved tech to the audience.  Ed describes him as being a local boy.  Asking Peter the tech where he is from Peter replies Cornwall.  Ed can’t believe he is from there because Pearl Jam don’t pay him nearly enough to live there.  He asks the audience to cheer for Peter from Cornwall and says that they do give him occasional raises.  Peter manages to escape the bright, hot lights with the worn out mic and Ed gets the next song going)
11. Even Flow
(Let’s hear how loud you can get for Mr. Mike McCready on the guitar.  Ed says he is glad to see that Baby Trump was outside.  He also comments that they saw stories saying that if you were traveling abroad as an American that there going to be protests and if protesters find out you are American you might get hurt.  “We have never found and neither has our crew any sort of animosity directed towards us.”  He says in a weird way that Trump is bringing people together because they are joining together in protest.  He goes onto read some of his favorite signs he saw during the protests.  “Perhaps the best was ‘a girl’s place is in the resistance’, so women of the world, take over)
12. Daughter/It’s OK-(Cole)-tag 3:14

(Matt and his wife April were the first of the band to have children and Ed says we have all learned so much from them.  He praises Matt’s daughter Josie for being such a trooper on the whole tour and is sure she is ready to get back to her friends but he has loved having her around.  This next song is for the great Cameron family)
13.  You Are
14.  Satan’s Bed
15.  Can’t Deny Me
(Ed says “The people have spoken, and they said (sotto voce) “Sweet Lew,” no, “Let Stone sing!”  So, ladies and gentlemen, Stone Gossard.  Stone thanks Ed and says, I really want to thank Ed for leading this band for all these years. Now it is my turn to sing (this is close but not 100%).
16. Mankind
Towards the end the song falls apart and Stone gives up.  “This is probably why Ed doesn’t let me sing..)  Eventually the crowd starts chanting “Let Jeff sing.” Jeff seems interested but Ed says  “Jeff won’t be singing tonight.” Jeff pipes up, “I have a sore throat!”  Ed says “that is a dig at me isn’t you fucker?” (with a laugh).  “Look, Matt has released his own records, Mike can sing.  If I let you hear these guys sing then I am out of a job. It is all I have…”)

17. Whipping
18. Lukin
19. Rearviewmirror
(Because of the press of the crowd Ed asks Kille to turn up the lights so he can see and asks the band to slow down.  The band slows and gets quiet. EV implores the audience to take three steps back on the count of three.  For me it would be a beautiful thing and for you.  He counts it off and the audience does as he requests.  When things are calm the band finishes the song at full speed and volume)

Encore Break One
(Ed says the next song is by someone who was a friend of the band that they lost recently.  We seem to be losing a lot…. well, that is life I guess.  I think of this song as political as well.  He talks for a bit about life and loss and says Jeff heard a story about a women who came to the first few shows but for health reasons didn’t think she would be able to see anymore.  The good news is she is here tonight. Andrea Oaks.)

20. I Won’t Back Down-(Lynne, Petty)-Ed solo vocal and electric guitar
21. Fatal (full band)

(There is a group of people that have been to about 203 shows or something and I think outside of Sweet Lew we would play anything for them so this is for them)
22. Around The Bend

23. Jeremy
24. Mind Your Manners

25. Breath
(During song Ed asks Big Pete to keep an eye on a certain section of the audience)

(Ed wants to acknowledge a couple of birthdays.  One is the bands chef, Sam, who is brought on stage and the other is Stone Gossard who is having a birthday shortly after the tour.  Ed gets the audience to sing them Happy Birthday and the cake is mashed into Stone and Sam.  Stone is temporarily blinded and struggles a bit. Ed has to help him wipe cake off.  Ed tells us, “There were two candles and one went into his left eye and the other went into his right eye, can you carry on Stone?  Getting old is a bitch!  This song is about sharing wine and cake)

26. Crazy Mary-(Williams)Paint It Black-(Jagger/Richards) instrumental tag in jam approx. 30 seconds
(Mike comes over to Boom so they can solo together.  Stone goes to Jeff’s side where it looks like Jeff asks Stone about his eyes)
27. Porch

Encore Break Two
(Ed reminisces about playing the club Borderline and other places in the early days.  “We just gotta play one song to the back.)
28. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town-(played to audience behind the stage)
29. Wasted Reprise
(Ed talks about how hard Matt Cameron works and says the hardest working people are these folks down in the front.  He says the band has been together for a long time and we love each other and are brothers.  And our crew are brothers and sisters. Give them a hand, they have been with us for 20 plus years.  But really it is you (the audience) who have supported us and given us all of these years.  Thank you)
30. Alive
31. Baba O’Riley-(Townshend)
32. Yellow Ledbetter
(After the goodbyes and the rest of the band has left the stage Ed has Rob Skinner, the band photographer, take a picture of him in front of the audience holding bottles of wine and standing on his monitors.  Although the band had left minutes ago they come back to play one more song.)
33. All Along The Watchtower-(Dylan)


Setlists; NOS Alive Festival, Lisboa

Pearl Jam
Nos Alive Festival
Lisbon, Pt
July 14, 2018
Set List


Walk On Music: Metamorphosis #2-Phillip Glass

Band Onstage: 11:30
Band Offstage: 1:38

01. Low Light
02. Better Man/Save It For Later-(Charley, Cox, Morton, Steele, Wakeling)-1:40 tag
03. Go
(Chats in Portuguese.  Wishes them good evening and talks about the festival)
04. Mind Your Manners
05. Do The Evolution
(Chats in Portuguese and introduces Mike)
06. Given To Fly
07. Interstellar Overdrive-(Barrett, Mason, Waters, Wright)-instrumental 55 seconds
08. Corduroy
(Ed checks on the audience to make sure they are safe and lists things that he is drinking to.  Fernando(?) this one’s for you)
09. Rats
(22 years ago we played this song in Cascais.  We are going to play it again for you)
10.  Even Flow
(You know, Mike isn’t the only one playing a mean guitar up here…Mr. Stone Gossard!  “We call upon the author to explain”-quote is a reference to a Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds song.)
11. Daughter / WMA-30 seconds / It’s OK-(Cole)-2:30 min  Ed has the audience sing the line “It’s OK” in Portuguese while he sings the rest in English)
12. Unthought Known
( name? this ones for you)
13. Down
14. Jeremy
(We played this place a few years ago and the best part about it was the White Stripes played on the same stage and tonight is as good or even better because tonight we have Jack White.  Ed segue’s into a discussion of violence against women in Portugal and what can be done to reduce or prevent it.)
15. Can’t Deny Me
16. In My Tree
17. Black (if I had the chance to do it all again I would probably make the same mistakes because I’m a stupid man, If I had a chance to do it again..because we belong together))
18. Lukin
19. Rearviewmirror

Encore Break One

Hey we’d like to play one and see if we can get you to light this place up. I played it at a festival and I would love to have you hear it with the whole band.  There are people out there that think more about their own profit than they do for the environment, gay marriage (etc.) They are holding onto old ideas and they are going away but we should expedite this process.
20. Imagine-(Lennon) w/ full band
21. Comfortably Numb-(Gilmour, Waters)
22. Porch (during song the band jams on Seven Nation Army by Jack White who played before Pearl Jam and is watching the band from the side of the stage)
23. Alive

24. Rockin’ In The Free World-(Young) w/ Jack White playing guitar.  (Stone plays tambourine. Eventually Jack’s bass player takes Jeff’s instrument and Jeff played piano with Boom)

Setlists; Mad Cool Festival, Madrid.

Pearl Jam
Mad Cool Festival
Caja Mágica, Madrid ES
July 12, 2018


Set List

Band Onstage:11:23
Band Offstage: 1:29
No walk on music.  Band just comes out

01. Release
02. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
(Hey Lily, this one’s for you)
03. Given To Fly
04. Lukin
05. Corduroy
06. Why Go
(Ed addresses the audience in Spanish.  Happy to be playing the first night of the festival.  Seems to say the audience is loco etc.)
07. Animal
(introduces Mike in Spanish and talks about playing in a club called Revolver in Madrid)
08. Even Flow
(Intros Matt in Spanish)
09. Mind Your Manners
10. Lightning Bolt
11. Eruption-(Van Halen)
12. Jeremy
(Introduces El Jeffe on bass guitar.  He then introduces a video with Javier Bardem about domestic violence in Spain)
13. Can’t Deny Me
14. Do The Evolution
15. Wasted Reprise (Ed asks if he can speak in English because his Spanish is shit.  He talks about tough times in life that we get through and look at us now in this beautiful place with great people.  Getting fueled up with positivity and that we can all get along no matter race, religion, sexual orientation.  Those that say we can’t are wrong and those ideas will die with the people that hold them.  Those old ideas are dying)
16. Better Man (sings “going hungry” a few times referencing “Hunger Strike”-Temple Of The Dog, Improvs lyrics-“I may not have told you lately but if I haven’t if not them I am a fool men don’t have a clue..”-loose/incomplete transcription-/Rockin’ In The Free World-(Young)
Save It For Later-(Charley, Cox, Morton, Steele, Wakeling)-Tag 1 min
17. Porch (The stage doesn’t have accessible wings so Ed looks for the stairs to the barricade.  He passes a note to a person in the audience and off mic tells them to put it in their pocket and not to to open it until after.)

Encore Break
(This one goes out to someone..gets interrupted.  This song is about love but not any kind of love.  The big love.  The one you didn’t think existed.  It is as big as the ocean, as big as the Spanish summer sky.  He asks the audience to hold up their lights so we can see how big the audience is.  He wants to play this for his friends who got married to this song and it looks like it is going to last a long, long time.  “Javier and Penelope this is for you”)
18. Just Breathe
19.  Sirens
20. Black (Lo siento, lo siento, lo siento…)
21. State Of Love And Trust (“I’ll do this one myself, Mike help, Mike help..”-Mike roams the stage while soloing
22. Reaviewmirror
23. Alive

24. Rockin’ In The Free World-(Young)